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Corporate Ski Courses

Custom skiing/mountain activity trips for Corporate groups

The mountains are some of the most challenging environments on earth, providing the potential for the most rewarding experiences too.

Snoworks is a performance skiing holiday and ski training company – and that's why we're a great choice for organising a superb corporate skiing trip.

We understand you'll be looking for a trip that ticks all the boxes for your company. Snoworks Directors Phil Smith and Emma Carrick-Anderson can speak to you personally about what it is you're looking for to make your trip a success.

Phil, Emma, Lee Townend and many of our other instructors work in other capacities in the business world including TV, events and expeditions and therefore have a good understanding of business teams' needs and corporate expectations.

We can provide a whole spectrum of services from intense team building, leadership and survival courses to relaxed fun holiday incentives.

Give Linda a call at the booking office and let's talk.
Call 0844 543 0503.

On-snow can involve anything from complete novices learning the basics of skiing through to highly experienced skiers participating in off-piste skiing or race training. If you're looking for something completely different, how about one of our skiing adventures to Chile, Argentina, Japan or Kashmir? Or even trekking up and skiing down Chile's 7 volcanoes?!

We can combine skiing with a host of other activities designed to stretch the imagination, raise emotional thresholds, develop leadership skills and build a stronger team.

" When looking for skiing specialist experts there was only one company I knew would satisfy Vodafone. As expected, the week with Snoworks was delivered in a relaxed, safe, exciting and professional environment."
Charlotte Cresswell | AddingValue

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