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iski Course Testimonial

Bumps Hemel Snowdome


Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Bumps Course yesterday at Hemel. Lee demonstrated a great friendly style of coaching combined with a positive and tailored approach for each skier's needs, many thanks.

I am already looking at returning again in August for more bumps and hope to sign up for the Tinges week in the Autumn.
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Andy Love | Kent


iski Course Testimonial

All Day All-Terrain


Hello Lee, Mike and Nick,
I wanted to drop you a note to tell you how much I enjoyed the week at Hintertux. Yes, the snow conditions were awesome, but you guys were AMAZING! You really do know how to make the best out of any condition on the mountain and get the best out of everyone’s skiing.  Skiing in the powder in May! But if I am honest, I enjoyed all of it – from the “cookies” on Monday the sync skiing on Friday in no visibility (we all know that visibility is over rated, right?).

Unless you have been on this course to see if for yourself, it is hard to explain why anyone keeps going back – 6 years for me! It is not the May sunshine or the snow, but it is honestly how the courses changes time and time again.  Your passion for skiing and your commitment to teaching us mere mortals is why I love this week at Hintertux because no matter what conditions, I will be skiing and learning. Thank you so much for sharing this passion with me.

I know that you listen to your clients’ views.  So I just wanted to share mine.  Hintertux all day course is simply amazing because you make it amazing.
• The max of the 3 groups make it diverse yet not too big so that we all get to know each other
• The all-day course tuition is fantastic.  Yet we have enough time for the cheeky run at the end of the day with our friends.

Yes, booked up for 2015. 

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Cristina Baker | Surrey


iski Course Testimonial

All-Terrain, Tignes


I really enjoyed the Snoworks Courses and could feel the progression in my skiing from the beginning of the week to the end. I particularly enjoyed the style of teaching - it was the reason I came back. The de-mystification of the complex technicalities of skiing. I could still remember the simple but effective mantra of 'right edge, left edge'. So easy.

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Sanjive Vasant | Surrey, UK


iski Course Testimonial

All-Terrain / Off-Piste


I really enjoyed my week with snoworks. Skiing with such great high level trainers, Emma & Nick was truly inspirational, even in challenging conditions.

I learnt a lot & enjoyed the fresh approach to the training.

I would like to raise my skiing to the next level, so I hope to join you again next season.

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Malcolm Betts | London


iski Course Testimonial

Backcountry Access St Foy


Just had a super week skiing with Snoworks instructor Lee Townend on the Backcountry Access Courses based out of St Foy and wanted to say how much I enjoyed it. His descriptions are accurate, simple and direct and laced with very amusing dry comments. He is inspiring and fun and we all had a great feeling that he really enjoyed spending time with us. A key requirement for learning. I am an academic and have been the head of academic departments with 50 teachers and 500+ students. Lee is a born teacher. I want to ski with him again so here's to next winter.

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Paul Braiden | Northumberland





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