Mike Barker

Qualifications & experience

  • BASI ISTD International Ski Instructor
  • Snowsport England Coach Tutor
  • French BEES equivalence
  • Certificate in Sport Tutoring
  • Proudly sponsored by Salomon ski equipment

For many years I was the head coach for the England Ski Squad then I decided to seek a new challenge that would still give me the thrill of ski racing and joined Snoworks.

Snoworks was right up my street. In racing I worked with skiers over long periods of time. Getting to know them, building relationships and operating in a coaching role. Snoworks is similar. We ski with you for a whole week time and time again. We’re able to take you on a journey, help you to develop new skills and then put those new skills to the test. It’s just like race coaching and so different to conventional ski school.

In the autumn I often work on the Eurotest Training with the other coaches. As a former racer myself I’m well aware of what it takes to get to the standard and Snoworks has a comprehensive programme on and off the slopes that will give you the best possible chance of achieving the level.