AUTUMN PRO COURSES: Self Belief, Reach Your Potential

Photo: Merlin Gallery, BASI member, successful pass at Eurotest Winter 2014.

We all talk about it, discuss it and listen to successful athletes promoting the virtues of it, but still much of ski training focuses on the technical aspects of our sport and often only scratches the surface of other factors.

We all know the the importance of self confidence in reaching full potential as I outlined in a previous article ‘Are You Developing Only 25% Of Your Potential?‘ But are many of us doing anything about it? For some, convinced that if we keep hammering away at technique and physical ability we will arrive at our peak only to be left disappointed. So what is it that can actually prevent many athletes from achieving their full potential other than technique or physical ability? Yes we all know the technical elements are important along with the physical and tactical aspects but the one area that we still strive to understand and conquer known as ‘self belief’ or ‘self confidence’ still remains for many unattainable.

T​he ‘fear of’ or ‘what if’ syndrome that ​affects performance in such an adverse manner has to be conquered if we truly wish to reach our full potential.

Take the Eurotest for instructors as an example. A performer can find themselves well within the required time in training and yet on the day of the actual test, 2 seconds adrift. In training every run completed yet on the day of the exam out on the 5th gate.​

​The ‘what if’ mindset can be numbing​​, debilitating, at worse can make us feel like our body does not belong to us.
“What if I don’t pass?”
“What if I injure myself?”
“What if I don’t ski to my true potential, letting myself or my coach down?”

A failure at the Eurotest can have disastrous consequences financially and work wise and add to that having to pay bills to support other family members and you’re set up for some serious self doubting that has the possibility of ensuring a performance well under par.

Instructors training for technical and teaching exams have other factors that can play into the hands of self doubt. Having to perform to an external criteria rather than ‘doing your best’. Peer group pressure and shyness can all work against you along with all the ‘what if’ questioning.

In true Snoworks style, not wishing to leave any stone unturned in our quest to help every Pro skier reach their full potential, this autumn we’ve enlisted the help of personal development coach Nick Barker.

Nick is a trained Life Coach, NLP Practitioner and Hypnotherapist specialising in conquering inner doubt, developing inner confidence and self belief, helping others to achieve their full potential.

This autumn Nick will be running a number of group sessions included in all Snoworks Pro Training courses (Gap level 1 and 2, Gap ISIA, Race Camps, Eurotest & Test Technique) with the option of booking Nick for extra One to One sessions if required (not included).

It remains our aim at Snoworks to help you develop to your full potential. This is an exciting addition to our programme that we know you will find interesting, beneficial and it could even be ‘life changing’.


“Coaching with Nick has been the catalyst in helping me redefine my thinking around an area, that previously I felt almost resigned to not being able to change challenging preconceived ideas that were limiting me.”

“Nick encouraged me to think creatively with a no limits licence for my imagination, which was exciting. The old unhelpful ways of thinking have gone for good and new and exciting ways of thinking have taken their place. This all happened in just one session and I have now taken action to make concrete changes in my life and feel a sense of momentum and energy propelling me forward towards where I desire to be, a fantastic feeling after being so stuck for so long.”


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