Intro To Off-Piste

NEW FOR 2023
It’s been on the cards for a while. Previously those first steps into off-piste were part of the All-Terrain course. Intro to off-piste has always been part of the All-Terrain course and will always be. However many skiers have asked us for a specific Intro To Off-Piste full day course. So here it is.
Based in the heart of the incredible Three Valleys it’s an all day course from Monday to Friday.
Aimed at level 4. Skiers who are competent on all reds and easy Blacks and have no, little, or limited off-piste experience. Along with a good attitude and reasonable fitness.
Many years ago we recognised that the knowledge and skills for instructors and guides to help skiers take the journey into off-piste were limited to non existence. Aspirant off-piste skiers were taught the skills experienced off-piste skiers seem to use. Namely equally weighted skis, bounce up and down, get a rhythm. Any skier who has tried to take the off-piste journey using these skills will have first hand experience of the result. Difficulty, frustration, many tumbles, tiredness from constantly digging yourself out of the snow. Usually the result is giving up.
Any competent off-piste skier, instructor and mountain guide will know this is not how any of us learnt to ski off-piste. Most living in the mountains begun their off-piste journey as kids. Watch any 6 year old venturing into the off-piste. It’s normally legs apart, lean back, use a snowplough. LOL a far cry from the perceived classic ‘off-piste style’.
Our philosophies include exactly how children learn to ski off-piste. And they do it so effectively and so quickly. Namely ‘snow displacement’ or ‘moving snow. This one philosophy is absolutely ground breaking and yet so simple. Another philosophy for those venturing off-piste for the first time is ‘inside edge – outside ski’. Another so simple concept yet so efficient and successful. Our analogy to rock climbing. ‘Don’t let go of the mountain’. Which any rock climber will agree to 100%. What we call ‘the connection point’. And of course skiing in ‘the now’, absolutely vital for changing mountain conditions.
We’ve loved helping skiers take this journey and many many have gone on to be competent off-piste skiers. Imagine knowing you can go anywhere on the mountain. What an adventure every time you go skiing. And it all starts with that very first step.

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