NEW: 3rd Backcountry Access Course added for 2013

The launch of the new Backcountry Access Course for 2013 saw both destinations sell out in the space of a couple of weeks. We have therefore decided to add one further Backcountry Access Course for 2013.

March 30th to April 5th 2013 – St Foy, Auberge Sur La Montagne

The perfect extension from our Backcountry and Off-Piste courses. Backcountry Access is for skiers that are willing to put in a bit more work in order to access unbelievable off-piste with the use of touring skis and skins combined with use of the local lift system and helicopters where possible.

The whole purpose of the Backcountry Access Course is to use the lift system to gain as much height as possible then skin from there to open up a whole world of off-piste skiing where only those with skins can access. What does that get you? Fantastic off-piste skiing with little or no other skiers. Heaven!

Unlike most ‘ski touring’ trips Backcountry Access is all about the ‘downhill’ – The use of skins is to access great off-piste descents. Each ‘access’ with skins will last a maximum of 30 minutes to 1 hour with some of the bigger descents a 2 hour skin.

SPACES: There will be 21 Spaces available from the launch of the course.



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