NEW Summer One To One Coaching

New this summer we’ve added ‘One To One’ coaching on 3 of our summer weeks in Tignes.
July 1, 8 and 15

Why ‘One To One’?

‘One To One’ is your own private coach. You and he or she can tailor the weeks coaching exactly to your own needs and aspirations. It may sound expensive at first glance but if you add up quality and dedicated time it can actually work out cheaper in the long run and can certainly prove to be money well spent.

Why Summer?

Head up to any glacier in Europe during the summer months and you will see thousands of skiers training and developing their skiing. Getting stuck into development, into the nitty gritty of improving. It’s an amazing time and those in the know, head out each summer to devote time to development. Winter is the time to apply newly developed skills, to travel and to experience. You’ll reap the rewards from time invested in summer training.

Building Foundations To Your Skiing

Everyone knows the theory of building a tall strong building that will stand the test of time. The higher you wish to go, the stronger the foundations need to be. Skiing is no different. The better, more accomplished skier you wish to become, the stronger your foundations must be. Summer is the time to build these foundations, hence why the glaciers are filled with teams training, future instructors and racers building solid foundations.

What Can Be Learnt On A Summer One To One?

You can dig deep into the foundations of your skiing. Developing sound posture and balance. Developing sound skills such as Pressure Control, Rotary Control. Edge Control. You can develop your movements, free them up, develop speed and range of your movements. You can develop particular disciplines of your skiing. Short turns, long turns, carving. You can work on particular aspects of skiing such as bumps, skills that will improve your off-piste skiing and the ability to cope with steep terrain, even ice. You can even get into gates and do some racing.

Use of Intensive Video

On ‘One To Ones’ we have the facility to use intensive video to help develop performance. We can video each day and if necessary even a few times each day, popping into the mountain restaurant as and when needed or even reviewing the video going up a lift. Imagine getting that kind of feedback in between runs. Invaluable.

End Of Week Action Plan

You’ll also get an end of week action plan detailing what elements of your performance you need to develop in order to take your skiing onwards and upwards in your chosen area along with advice on future courses if needed.

How Many Skiers Can Share A One To One’?

A ‘One To One’ can be from 1 up to 3 skiers. We can organise for more skiers above this if required but there may be a supplement. It can be a group of skiers with similar levels and aspirations, a group of family members, even a small team of racers.

What Level Is Required For A ‘One To One’?

We can cater for all levels on a ‘One To One’ from complete beginners through to experts. Best to call our office to chat through your requirements.

One To Ones are limited to 1 or 2 per week on these dates so if interested please book early.

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