Race Training, Who Is It For?

Most skiers think race training is not for them. It’s much too advanced. But think again. Every racer started somewhere. Even Marcel Hirscher, this years overall world cup winner had to start at the beginning and if you think he was world cup level before he started race training, think again. Most local ski clubs start putting their kids through gates when they can just about ski. Think of the ‘end of week’ ski school races where 1 and 2 week skiers test their skills against the clock.

So do you need to be a super high level skier to begin race training? Not on your nelly! As long as you can get down the run you can begin skiing through gates.

What are the benefits of race training?
Anyone can benefit from race training. You begin to use your edges more effectively. Learn more natural movements rather than robotic repetitive movement patterns that are often learnt in ski school. You learn to move in relation to a task. You learn to be more fluid, more creative. You develop an individual style. You learn to enjoy carving. And more than all of this you’ll have great fun and your skiing will improve quicker than you ever thought possible. Most of which is at the subconscious level just like kids learn to ski and we all know how fast they learn.

Do all the skiers race training have to be the same level?
No. Definitely not. Racing is about you and the course. Everyone can be a different level. It’s not like off-piste skiing where the group moves around the mountain together. Everyone is circuiting the lifts independently. The coach is either at the start or at the finish giving feedback or often on the course repairing a gate or slipping out a rut and in touch with everyone by radio. So it’s very individual.

We have race training open to all levels all summer and all autumn, so what are you waiting for. The gates are calling.

Summer dates are July 1, 8, 15, 22, 29
Autumn dates are October 14, 21, 28, Nov 4, 11, 18, 15, Dec 3
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