Unmissable! New Snoworks Uniforms!

Snoworks unveils new uniforms (you might say ‘multi-colour-forms!’) for instructors this year with unmissable Salomon jackets and pants in vivid orange, green, yellow and… pink!

Of course, there’s a few instructors missing from this photo including Phil, Emma and Mike Barker (not around when this pic was taken), but those who were there are: (from left to right) John Thomas, Annabel Seel, Nick Quinn, Lee Townend and John Arnold.

The ‘same style, different colour’ uniforms, neatly reflect the Snoworks teaching principles – everyone teaches using the same Snoworks All-Mountain Skiing philosophies, but with their own personality.

To find out more about the Snoworks Team and our philosophies, start at our About Us page, click here.

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