Chile & Argentina

Ski multiple resorts, volcanoes and two countries

South America is a continent combining amazing skiing experiences in the lakes and volcanos district, spectacular southern-hemisphere winter scenery and extraordinary local culture.  Here you can summit volcanoes (some still smouldering) and ski down untracked slopes, choose your own individual line.  Savour the local cuisine and enjoy the surroundings of national parks and nature reserves.  Our amazing Ski South America Adventure features multiple resorts and the two countries of Chile and Argentina in one unforgettable trip each August.

For the more adventurous skiers who are after a challenge,  join us on the incredible Ski Chile 7 Volcanoes.

Imagine standing near the top of a volcano in crystal clear air with a cloud layer far below lit by the just-risen sun, with a lone bright star still shining above and three other volcanoes poking through the cloud. Then take a short skin to the top of the volcano followed by a descent, on quasi-spring crystalline snow and then ankle-deep powder. Life doesn’t get much better than that!

Lakes, volcanoes, untracked powder, an incredible adventure