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Fit For Skiing

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Fit For Skiing, Fit For Life.

October, November. 8 Week Fitness Course, 3 Sessions Per Week. Get Ready For The Winter.

When Emma was a ski racer her motto was:

“If I don’t train today someone else will’.

She wanted to know that every time she pushed out of the start gate she was in the best shape possible to give her the best opportunity to perform to her best.

“When I ski I love knowing that I can physically tackle almost everything. Skiing to me is a like a jigsaw of pieces fitting together and if one piece doesn’t fit the puzzle it can put the whole jigsaw out. Once out on the slopes we (coaches/instructors) can help you with the tactical choices you make, the technical changes you make and the psychological aspects of your skiing but the physical side needs to be worked on during the months leading up to your trip. Once out skiing you can only use the fitness you have, so the better shape you are in, the more prepared you will be to tackle whatever comes your way”

Emma will be offering ski specific fitness sessions starting early October leading right up to December when the season kicks off. Wouldn’t it be amazing to know that physically you are in the best shape possible so you can grab every turn and tackle ever bit of terrain without worrying about the physical fatigue. Knowing you are physically ready will set you up for success.

These 24 sessions with Emma are suitable for all fitness levels. Emma will build up the sessions and will always offer easier and harder options and the intensity will build during the 2 months.

Each session will last roughly 45 minutes allowing for a good warm up before the main session starts.

“I absolutely loved the online fitness I was able to offer throughout last season and the feeling of getting fitter together was just amazing. Wherever you are on your fitness journey I’d absolutely love to help you feel fitter and stronger. Not just to help you reach your ski goals and make the most of this coming ski season but also because a healthy, strong body helps create a healthy mind”

All ability levels. From zero to hero. Please come along. Your skiing will take a huge leap upwards this coming ski season. An investment well made.

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Time of Year
October, November
Days Per Week
3 sessions per week
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1 hour maximum
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