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iSKI EPT Extended Performance Training


EPT 'Extendeed Performance Training'. Train and improve your skiing over an extended period in Tignes in the autumn for up to 9 consective weeks.

Who Is EPT Extended Performance Training Aimed at? 
Intermediates, Advanced, Experts Skiers
EPT is aimed at everyone as long as you can competently ski Red runs you can come and improve. There’s no upper limit.

What Sort Of Stuff Will Be Covered?
EPT also stand for ‘Edging Pushing Twisting’ which you may well have heard on Snoworks courses along with ‘Emotions, Performance and Technique’ and of course ‘Extended Performance Training’. The ability to move freely on your skis is critical when it comes to coping with the whole mountain environment during the winter season but the problem with development is always one of time, so skiers often get caught up in developing one particular aspect of performance due to time limitations rather than every aspect of performance. With ‘Extended Performance Training’ the one aspect that limits performance - time, is removed.

Why The Autumn?
The autumn is a great time to develop 'technical skills' prior to the start of the winter season. You can focus on repetition, drills and have the time to work on developing your whole repertoire of skills. We’ve also secured great prices in the Mark Warner Hotel Ecrin with amazing ‘academy’ facilities so we can keep the budget down whilst offering first class accommodation and training facilities and the on-snow training courses and ski passes are cheaper than the winter. So all in all it’s a good deal.

What Is The Cost?
A weeks training in October and November up to the beginning of the opening of the Espace Killy is £300. That's training all day from Monday to Friday (with stops for lunch) so you just add the weeks together. If you go into the start of the winter season Nov 29th onwards the course fees change to £365 and training is for half days but you can extend this to full days if required. Don't forget for every week booked you are also allocated SKIMILES™ so can receive further discounts. Accommodation is flexible. You can stay in the Hotel Ecrin for £320 per week up to and including the week of the 28th November or source your own accommodation. Book your own flights and book transfers with Snoworks or organise your own transport. Ski passes can be booked in the resort.

5 for 4
Book 4 or more weeks of consecutive courses and you we will give the 5th course free. That’s a free course valued at £300.
How Will EPT be structured Week To Week?
Throughout the autumn we have different courses running for different needs. All-Terrain, Race Carve, Instructor Training, Race Camps and when the winter arrives Bumps and Off-Piste. We can slot you in to the appropriate course each week depending on your level and your needs. Remember this is totally flexible and can be adjusted each week, each day as your training progresses, swapping between groups as required. The training is tailored to your needs. Remember we can take many levels from intermediates to advanced and experts.
How To Book
Email or call us on our booking line and discuss your requirements. One of our Team will be allocated to you to discuss your needs and can discuss group possibilities each week ensuring your development opportunities are maximised. Don’t forget training is totally flexible so you can move around between groups each week depending on how you are progressing. Flexibility and maximizing your potential will underpin the EPT programme.

iSKI EPT Extended Performance Training - Next dates

Sorry, there are currenty no planned course dates. Please Contact Us to discuss your requirements.

MORE EPT Extended Performance Training DATES CLICK HERE!

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