Skills development for skiing bumps

For skiers that want to develop the skills for tackling bumps and moguls this course is a must. This course will completely blow away the myths surrounding bump skiing. Skiing bumps can be one of the most enjoyable aspects of skiing, right up there with off-piste and carving.

Bumps are part of the what we call the four strands of skiing: Piste. Off-Piste, Steeps, Bumps.

To be a complete all-mountain skier skiing bumps is a must.

What level?
You need to be at Snoworks level 4+ or above. You need to be competent at skiing all Reds and Easy Blacks and have a reasonable fitness level. Level 5’s and 6’s are also catered for. So if if you can ski bumps but want to get better then this is also the course for you.

For an inspirational view on bumps take a look at ‘Return Of The Turn’ with Marcus Caston.

“`An “open” approach to skiing bumps. It was so simple but so effective”

“Who would have thought skilful skidding was the answer”

“I’ll never look at a mogul field with trepidation again”

Blow away the myths of bump skiing
It's easier than you think

Minimum requirements for this course:
Adventurous intermediate skiers who can ski all black runs and ski off piste between pistes or at the side of pisted runs – level 4+

Skiers with a good level of fitness.

Ability to get up unaided in the event of a fall.


Essential Information

Time of Year
All Year
Days Per Week
5 half days, Monday to Friday
Hours Per Day
3 hours
Skiers per group
Maximum 8
Purchase in resort - full resort area pass required
Ski Equipment
All mountain skis - book with Snoworks
Video Analysis
OFF PISTE Safety Equipment
Not required


Ski levels on Bumps Courses

There are normally numerous groups catering for skiers from Red / Black run skiers (level 4+) through levels 5, 6, 7). Check with the office for specific advice.

Half day or all day coaching

On some Bumps courses it is possible to double up on an All-Terrain or Off-Piste course for all day coaching. Please contact us for availability. Price is the same as a full day ski course.

Available Dates for Bumps courses