South America

A tour of resorts in two South American countries

The stunning Lake and Volcano district of Southern Chile boasts some of the most amazing off-piste skiing in the world. The resorts are often small and traditional with few lifts but who needs that when you have a whole volcano to yourself! Take a traverse around the top, pick a line and ski fresh tracks to your heart’s content. Whether you choose to enjoy the unique off-piste around the volcanoes or skin and climb to one or all of the summits of Lonquimay, Villarrica, Mocho & Choshuenco, you will be mesmerized by the majesty of Chile’s stunning ‘Pacific Ring of Fire’. Standing on the rim of a massive, open crater, hearing the volcano rumbling away, with skis, on is something that stays in the memory forever.

I’m standing on the rim of a sleeping volcano. Around me are other conical volcanoes, from one rises a vertical column of blue smoke. Beyond, snow-capped ridges of the Andes mountains disappear beyond the curve of the earth. The sun shines from a cloudless sky, the air is cold and I am about to ski 1,000m of untracked powder. The skiing experience gets no better… and I’m there.



This is a Snoworks Adventure. The whole trip will be hosted by a Snoworks instructor/instructors along with the local mountain guide from Amity Tours. The object is to ski, explore and experience this unique part of the world. The Snoworks instructor/instructors and local mountain guide will ensure you make the most of your on-snow experience leading you to the best possible skiing available on the itinerary. Where needed they will be able to provide coaching for developing performance and ensure safety on the mountains.

Although there are some pistes the majority of the trip will be searching out the best possible off-piste skiing.