Ski Racing Is Calling

Ski Racers

Get a completely different outlook on ski racing.

We’ve taken the ‘Open Ski Philosophy’ so successfully applied to all-mountain skiing and transferred this across to ski racing with outstanding results. Ever wondered why so many ski racers DNF, fail to ski to expectations, struggle to improve, fail to reach their goals?

The answer lies in ‘Open’ and ‘Closed’ sports methodology.

Ski racing is an ‘Open’ sport. Every run, every change of direction is unique, a one off, never to be repeated. But much of ski racing roots are in ‘Closed Sport’. Repetitive movement patterns that don’t match the course, the terrain, the snow texture.

Emma Carrick-Anderson is a 4 time Olympic ski racer and amongst Britains most successful ski racers and recognised as one of the UK’s top ski coaches. Phil Smith is founder of Snoworks All-Mountain Ski Courses, holds a Diploma In Sports Coaching and one of the worlds leading proponents of ‘Open Skill Philosophy’ in skiing.

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