My Personal Skiing Goal

My Personal Skiing Goal

September 15, 2011 |  by Guest Contributor  |  Client Blog, GAP Courses, PRO Training

Guest contributor, Philip Jay, Snoworks iSKI client.

I wouldn’t have called myself a ‘pro’ skier. A very keen enthusiastic skier yes, with a goal, to take my skiing as far as I can. So whilst surfing the internet looking for something suitable I came across the Snoworks Gap course. My first thought was, ‘do I want to become a ski instructor?’ My original intention was not to become a ski instructor but to learn more about developing my own ski performance and become a more all round accomplished skier. So I decided to call Snoworks to discuss my goals.

What I found is that Snoworks PRO is not only for those involved in teaching skiing but for anyone that has ‘Pro’ ambitions. The ‘Pro’ doesn’t just mean ‘profession or professional’ but also equates to someone who wishes to achieve a competence in their particular activity. A ‘Pro Skier’ for example.

What I also found is that Snoworks has all sorts of courses running throughout the autumn including: All- Terrain, Race Carve, PRO Ski Instructor Training for skiers already with ski teaching qualifications, Eurotest & Giant Slalom training, Test Technique and Slalom training along with Ski Instructor Training for aspirant ski instructors.

Snoworks was able to build a course around my own needs and goals with training from anything between 1 to 8 weeks and I did not have to fit into a pre-determined packaged course. I’ve ended up going for 3 weeks of training and also decided to take my Level 1 Ski Instructor course (optional) with a further week’s training and experience after that. 5 weeks in total. At the end I plan to be a much more all round accomplished skier – I may even choose to call myself a ‘Pro’. I’ll also have the first level ski instructor qualification which will help shape my future goals.

If you have aspirations to take your skiing to the ‘Pro’ level and become an accomplished all round skier then my advice is to give Snoworks a call and discuss your own personal aspirations directly. You may be able to join Snoworks this autumn and be part of the ‘Pro’ training programme.

Philip Jay
Aspirant ‘Pro’ skier

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