A brief history of Snoworks

A brief History


In the late 1980’s, Snoworks Managing Director, Phil Smith, co-founded Britain’s first ever ‘ski courses’ company, pioneering the way for a radical change to the delivery of ski teaching. It offered a more personalised, informal and yet more focused approach, keeping clients skiing on the move, thanks to smaller groups and new ski teaching methods.

As well as focusing on delivering the highest quality on-snow service, Phil and his team introduced clients to skiing feedback off the slopes, with technical evening video sessions and presentations to compliment the on-snow learning experience. It was the first real, end-to-end performance ski tuition service – and greatly contributed to the growth of the ski courses market.

Also at that time, Phil was a member of a group of ski instructors asked by the British Association of Snowsport Instructors (BASI), to completely revamp their existing technical and teaching syllabus. What resulted was the most radical overhaul of ski technique for decades and the creation of a totally new skills-based skiing and ski learning philosophy.

In the late 90’s with the advent of the changes in ski equipment design – skis becoming shorter, wider and with bigger sidecuts – skiers were set free to discover the excitment of all-mountain skiing. Past techniques no longer applied to this new revolution; what was needed was another, new technical ski revolution to meet this seismic shift in ski design.

From that time on, Snoworks has further instilled the skills needed to be an effective and efficient all-mountain skier creating its own brand of ski courses for recreational and performance skiers.

In 2004, 4-time slalom Olympian, Emma Carrick-Anderson joined the company as a director creating a formidable partnership. Today, Phil, Emma and have built a team of 9 top level coaches and remain at the cutting edge of this revolution, constantly pioneering new and exciting ways of how skiing is learned and experienced, exploding myths on traditional skiing techniques and instead, trailblazing a revolutionary skills-based ski courses programme at destinations around the world.

At Snoworks, we believe it is the ultimate skiing and mountain discovery experience.

Find out how you can transform your skiing on a Snoworks ski course. Depending on your level, start with All-Terrain and progress from there to Off-Piste, Backcountry, Backcountry Access and Adventures.

Thousands of skiers whose previous skiing was limited to well-groomed pistes and who struggled when the going got tough have benefited from Snoworks courses.