You Want Immediate Improvement In Your Skiing?

Many people struggle to improve their skiing but with a few simple non-technical tips it can be easy to improve and the results can be immediate and profound. Here are just 5 simple non-technical tips for immediate improvement. Photo, Phil Smith with Snoworks guests, Tignes 2015.

1.  Accept Yourself
Accept how you ski. It’s you, this is where you are, this is how you ski. Don’t compare, get disappointed, frustrated, annoyed, angry. Just be you and be happy with how you ski. Only by accepting ‘you’ and how you ski, can you improve. Ski with people that are not pushing you beyond your boundaries, making you frustrated or disappointed or feeling inadequate. You need to feel good about yourself and how you ski. It’s great to have goals but don’t let goals hold you back. Improving is a natural thing and will happen as long as we let it and feel good about ourselves.

2. Don’t Look For Perfection
There are no judges, people giving marks. If there are let them go. The beauty of skiing is there is no right or wrong, it’s you and the mountain and your relationship with the mountain. Enjoy “all your perfect imperfections” as the John Legend song goes. Be proud of how you ski, be proud of your imperfections.

3. Feel Free To Make Mistakes
Every time you feel off balance, sit back, accelerate, wobble. It’s all part of getting better. Accept mistakes as part of the whole experience of learning. Without mistakes there can be no learning. Accept that every time you make a mistake it adds to your experience, increasing your brains ability to adjust accordingly the next time. Each time you make a mistake say “Thankyou for that learning experience”. The desire to not make mistakes is one of the over-riding factors that prevent skiers from improving.

4. Ski In The Now
Focus on what’s happening to you now. Many skiers are too focussed on what is going to happen or what has happened rather than what is happening. Focus on the now, be aware of the future and let go of the past. Accept, react and adjust to what is happening ‘now’, to you, as you ski. As the Chinese proverb goes:
“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, now is a gift, that is why it’s called the present”.

5. Connect With The Mountain
Get connected, concentrate on your skis and their connection with the snow and the mountain. Only then will you learn to make the adjustments needed to control your descent. Move your focus away from your upper body, arms, hips or shoulders and move right down to your connection point. Be like a rock climber focusing on their purchase point with the mountain. Only then will your body begin to recognise the adjustments it needs to make to control your descent.

This is how children learn and the reason why they learn so quickly but as we get older we can loose that ability to learn like a child. But it’s there, in you and just needs unlocking and rediscovering and your improvement can be profound.

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