Instructing versus Guiding

We often get asked what is the balance between instruction/coaching on Snoworks courses and guiding?

Our ski course programme bridges exactly this gap and balances guiding and  instruction/coaching superbly for each individual, their experience, level and goals.

Skiers come on Snoworks courses for different reasons. For some it’s developing their skiing to be able to cope with more of the mountain, for others it’s to be taken to amazing places on the mountain and to experience the best snow. For others it’s to ski with like minded skiers. For these reasons we aim to create a balance between instructing/coaching and guiding. On some courses the sessions are aimed more towards coaching, on other sessions more towards guiding.


The balance between the instructing/coaching and guiding is affected by many variables:

  • Course
  • Ski level
  • Snow conditions
  • Weather
  • Individual needs and objectives

The balance between great ski instruction and filling each day with great skiing experiences is continually adjusted, making sure everyone gets the best the can out of each course. This is our aim.

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