Ski School Versus Ski Course

We get asked this question all the time. What is the difference between taking a ski course and taking ski school or lessons?
Phil Smith Director of Snoworks Ski Courses explains.

So you’re thinking about taking some kind of instruction, group lessons within a ski school, private instruction, ski guiding, joining a hosting programme or booking onto a ski course. So how do you begin to make sense of all that’s on offer?

To begin with it’s useful to look at the difference between instruction and coaching then that will help you to understand what it is you need. A Ski Course or lessons with a Ski School.

In most sports the person giving the instructing normally has a title such as a coach or an instructor. Coaches and Instructors do different jobs. There are also different qualifications for the two. But an instructor can coach and a coach can instruct. So it’s more about the process rather than the qualification or title.

In a nutshell instruction is short and generally specific. Coaching is about taking a journey, it’s a longer process.

Instructors are often dealing with short term goals. Coaches are dealing with longer term goals.

Ski Schools generally attract skiers with short term goals.. They cater predominantly for skiers on holiday where instruction is just part of the holiday often not the main part. They may only see the skiers this one time only, so lessons are often relatively short, a private for a few hours. The customer is often after a few tips to help them improve whilst on holiday. It’s more about instruction.

Ski Courses often attract skiers who are interested in taking a journey. The instruction plays a much bigger role in the holiday. They have decided they want more. Have a greater desire to improve. Have longer term goals. Skiing is not only a holiday, it’s also a passion. So it’s more akin to coaching.

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