Ski Skills Courses This Summer

The amazing ‘Ski Skills’ pre-season ‘Tune Up Course’ is guaranteed to get you skiing better next season than ever before.
Phil Smith, Snoworks Director gives an insight into why everyone should take this course.

The winter is the time to go skiing. It’s the time to ski places, to experience the mountains, to reap the rewards from effort previously invested. Going places, traveling and experiencing the mountains and boy it’s wonderful.

The winter is where we need to ‘apply’ our skills that we’ve previously learnt.

But have you ever thought what it’s like trying to ‘apply’ your skills at the same time as ‘developing’ your skills. It’s a bit like rubbing your stomach and patting your head at the same time. Even more tricky and possibly dangerous is riding a bike and sending a text message at the same time, not recommended.

We all do our best at learning and applying the skills we have on our winter trips for sure as we want to improve and make the most of the mountains. Hence why at Snoworks we quickly saw the need to develop philosophies whereby skiers could improve their skiing at the same time as applying their skills. We needed to, ‘hack’ learning and we’ve done an incredibly good job at it. Philosophies such as ‘Going Open’, ‘Connecting With The Mountain’, ‘Snow Displacement’ have totally transformed how people can learn and apply at the same time and have taken so many skiers to totally new heights in their skiing.

BUT to get into developing the ‘fine’ technical skills skiers need to invest some time out of the environment. Take a look at all the racers and instructors. It’s exactly the same. All the ‘tuning’ for the coming race season is pre-season. Once the race season starts it’s time to apply skills.

The optimum time for ‘Technical Development’ is in the summer and autumn, yes out of the winter season.

Photo: Snoworks groups enjoying summer skiing and coaching.

I’m not saying replace your winter ski trip with a summer or autumn ski trip, definitely not, no no no. Winters are far too much fun. But if time and finances permit and you have the desire to develop technical skills then summer and autumn skiing is a must must must.

At Snoworks we’ve developed the incredible ‘Ski Skills’ Courses for this reason – to develop the ‘Technical Aspects’ of your skiing in preparation for the winter so you have more skills to apply. More skills to apply means greater control in all conditions. And greater control means you can travel further and experience so much more of the mountain this coming winter. And better still, even more smiles than usual.

Now that’s an investment worth making.

Photo: Developing skills on a Snoworks Ski Skills Course with the use of extensive video feedback.

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