‘Skiing Chile’s 7 Volcanoes’

Experienced skier & Snoworks client, Steve Lees, reflects on a superb Snoworks Adventure to ski Chile’s stunning ‘Pacific Ring of Fire’.

‘There we were, standing on the summit of Villiarica volcano, staring into the earth’s bubbling mantle… with skis on our feet.

If someone had once told me I’d be skiing the 7 volcanoes of Chile’s ‘Pacific Ring of Fire’ in a few years time, I would have said they were crazy!

But here I was, having also just skinned 4 hours up to one of the highest skiable volcanoes in the world. Words cannot describe how it felt. My skiing experiences with Snoworks have always exceeded expectations, but this 14 day trip to Chile had been (literally) the icing on the cake! The scenery is spectacular, the hospitality overwhelming, the culture utterly fascinating and so different, with the skiing in a class of its own.

Far from your average skiing holiday (and not one if you’re on a budget), this adventure is for those lucky enough to get the opportunity to experience some of the most far reaching places on earth!

If the skier inside you has a passion for exploration, I thoroughly recommend a Snoworks Adventure. It truly is a trip of a lifetime.’

Snoworks runs two Adventure trips to Chile/Argentina. We’re pleased to report that the recent earthquake has had no direct effect on the skiing infrastructure.

Check out the website/contact the booking office for availability on 0844 543 0503 as places fill fast!