Skiing from the heart

Emma Carrick-Anderson speaks from the heart about her new life as a Snoworks instructor.

As I rode my bike up a hellishly steep 25km climb above Bourg St Maurice whilst training the other day, I had plenty of time to reflect on the 2010/11 season just gone and on my new life as a Snoworks instructor since retiring from international ski racing, 6 years ago.

I never imagined I could ever be as passionate about skiing as I had been back then. I thought my life would move in a different direction and into a new, perhaps, less exciting era. But after just 3 months away, I found myself desperately missing the mountains, my skis and the snow. I knew my life had to be forever in skiing and quickly took myself back to the world where I knew I belonged.

Skiing for a living is a dream job; there’s no denying it. Up in the mountains, skiing for 7 months a year, you might want to think the passion wears off after a while. But for me, it never has. In fact it keeps on growing. We’re lucky because of the huge variety of skiing challenges our courses present us with, if not everyday, certainly every week – with different clients, resorts, snow, routes, terrain, scenery, landscapes, cultures – you name it! Each course and destination has its own unique challenges and excitement which we can genuinely share as instructors with our clients… because it’s just as exciting for us too.

As a former member of Team GB and ex-Olympian, you might think that teaching skiing could be a step down from my former life. Far from it!! I want this post to be from the heart and to say to all those I’ve skied with this season, to let you know, how much I’ve enjoyed the experiences I’ve had skiing with you and teaching you. The enjoyment of passing my knowledge and understanding of skiing to others is a genuine privilege and to understand skiers needs is a constant driver in my life, every day. Thank you, Snoworks clients and all, for your belief and support in our programme and for giving me this opportunity to keep my passion alive for this wonderful, incredible sport, that is skiing.

So, if this summer you’re like me, riding your bike on a hot day, keep cool by thinking about the snowy months and what more exciting times the white stuff will bring! 🙂

And remember… work to live, Live to Ski!!

Looking forward to skiing with you again on the slopes this season… and the next…

Emma XX