So They Think It’s All Over! – Skiing in April

Phil Smith Snoworks Ski Course Director reports on skiing in Tignes in April.

Come the end of March and many skier’s minds turn to summer. But are you missing out? Up here in Tignes the winter has by no means come to an end. We’ll be skiing into the beginning of May but what will the skiing be like?

Ask any Tignes local and you’ll hear the same. April can produce some of the best skiing of the season. Yes you heard that right. April is notorious for bringing some late snow falls. But don’t just take our word for it. Check out the snow record for Tignes. These are the official figures for monthly snowfall provided by the Ski Club of Great Britain for the upper slopes in Tignes in cm for the past 4 seasons.


One word of advice. Head high. Don’t forget these snow records are for the upper slopes of Tignes and the Tignes village is situated at 2,000m. So if you are thinking of skiing in April head high and going by the figures over the past 4 seasons you wont be disappointed.
Suprised by these figures? I certainly was. I always knew the skiing in April was good but never realized that more snow fell on the upper slopes in Tignes in April than any other month over the past four seasons. Although the big April snowfall of 280cm in 2007/08 may have effected these figures. But even if you take this out of the equation you will still find that more snow fell in April over the past three seasons than in December or January and only slightly less than February and March.

Snoworks are running All Terrain, Off-Piste, Bumps, Junior All-Terrain and Pro Courses in Tignes on April 15th & 22nd with a final weekend of the season on April 27th.

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