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Snoworks looks after your ‘on-snow’ experience, the ski course. We also provide a service to offer you a number of other services including accommodation and travel. Therefore the booking conditions have been split into two sections:

  1. Ski Courses
  2. Other Services

If you have booked any other services please refer to the booking conditions for ‘Other Services’. These will be shown your confirmation invoice.



Ski course: refers to all Snoworks Ski Courses, (Ski, Adventure, Professional and corporate) as described on the Snoworks website.

Snowboarding And Telemarking

Occasionally we have snowboarders or telemarkers joining us. Please check with our office that this is possible before booking a course. If booking please replace:

Ski with snowboard or telemark
Skiing with snowboarding or telemarking
Skier with snowboarder or telemarker

Agreeing To The Booking Conditions

By booking a ski course either by telephone, post, email or directly online through the ‘Reseve Your Space’ facility, you will be agreeing to these booking conditions. If you are booking on behalf of others you will also be taking on responsibility that the other members of your group have read and agree to these booking conditions. Please read them carefully and make sure the other members of your party also read them, if there is anything you are unsure about please contact us immediately. All the booking conditions along with information on our website, brochures, telephone conversations and any letters or emails that you have received form the basis for your contract with Snoworks Ltd.


Snoworks uses the services of instructors and mountain guides to provide the service as advertised on the Snoworks website. Instructors and guides are qualified through their governing body in their country of residence or the country in which they provide their service. Their membership through their professional organisation includes insurance to provide the services they are qualified to deliver. They are not employees of Snoworks. They are self employed professionals contracted in by Snoworks to provide the service as described on the Snoworks website. When under their care your contract is directly with them. Should you be involved in any dispute involving an instructor or mountain guide where the dispute involves insurance then this will be directly with the organisation that provides their insurance, not Snoworks.


Ski course prices may increase in line with inflation and exchange rates or for other reasons and these will be shown on the website in the courses section. The ski course prices are only guaranteed against any changes once you have booked and paid, the ski course price will be shown on your confirmation invoice.

Booking And Paying For A Ski Course

A £50 deposit (excluding Adventure/Corvara/Baqueira Backcountry) is required as a deposit to reserve your place on a ski course. Full payment is required 12 weeks prior to departure. You can reserve spaces online however online reservations are not guaranteed as a space until confirmation is received from the Snoworks office in the form of a confirmation invoice. We cannot reserve spaces on a course until a deposit has been paid. In the case of failing to pay the final balance within the specified time frame, reminders will be sent and failure to pay the final balance could result in the course being cancelled with the loss of the deposit.
Deposits for Adventure Courses: £750
Deposits for Corvara and Baqueira Backcountry: £175

Cancellation Charges

If you need to cancel your ski course, the following cancellation charges will apply per person per course:

Prior to 8 weeks = loss of deposit paid
Within 4 – 8 weeks 50%
Within 0 – 4 weeks 100%
Note: this is for the ski course. If you have booked other services please see: ‘Other Services Booking Conditions’

Cancellation due to Covid 19

If you are forced to cancel your booked ski course, or you are unable to join the course, due to any reason relating to Covid 19 and you are unable to claim on your travel insurance policy for the cost of the course, we will either refund all monies paid or transfer your course to another date (depending on availability).

Course Only – With No Accommodation And Travel

On most weeks you can book the ski course and arrange your own travel and accommodation. On some courses where we have had to guarantee beds in a hotel or chalet we may not be able to offer this option, and you may have to book the accommodation on offer with the course. Please check with the office.

Minimum Ski Level

On each course there is a minimum ski level. This is shown on Dates & Prices and on the website page for each course. It can sometimes be difficult to judge your level and you may find that your ski level is below the minimum level for the course you have booked. Minimum levels assume a good fitness level and a reasonable speed of travel, see ‘Ski Levels’ on the Snoworks website for more detailed descriptions.  Sometimes we are able to cater for this eventuality; however on some occasions we may need to transfer you into another appropriate ski course with a ski school or arrange private instruction with another instructor in the resort. We will use the course fee paid to purchase lessons to the equivalent value. The lesson durations may vary and may not be equivalent to the Snoworks ski course advertised.

Meeting The Minimum Ski Level But Below The Level Of Other Members Of The Group

On rare occasions you may meet the criteria as described for the minimum level of the course but all the other group members ski to a higher level. On these rare occasions we may need to transfer you into another appropriate ski course with a ski school or arrange private instruction with another instructor in the resort. We will use the course fee paid to purchase lessons to the equivalent value. The lesson durations may vary and may not be equivalent to the Snoworks ski course advertised.

Group Sizes

Maximum: 6/7/8 per group.
Note: Maximum class size varies between 6 and 8 and is adjusted accordingly with: The level of each group, the prevailing conditions of the mountain as regards to safe group management, and the itinerary of the group.
Exceptions: Race Carve, Junior Race, Race Camps, Gap, Eurotest, Test Technique
Maximum: 10 per group with helpers when required.
Adventure: Please see the detailed itinerary for each trip.
One To One: As booked.

On-Snow Course Duration

Winter courses from December to April

Half Day Courses
All-Terrain, Off-Piste, Bumps. One to One
Monday to Friday (unless otherwise stated): 3 hours per day – this could be mornings or afternoons.

All Day Courses
Backcountry, Backcountry Access, All-Terrain Safari, All Day All-Terrain
Monday to Friday (unless otherwise stated): All day with a break for lunch.

Spring Technical, Summer & Autumn Courses
Monday to Friday: For the duration the glacier is open with breaks.

Due to the nature of adventure trips and the diverse itineraries, course times vary. Please see the detailed itinerary for each trip.

Other Exceptions:
On occasions we may run courses that do not fit into these times. If unsure please contact our office or look at specific dates in the Course Planner.

Welcome Evening

On the evening before the ski course starts we hold a welcome meeting. This is normally either in the hotel or chalet where the majority of the course participants are staying (times may vary) or at a local meeting place. The exact location and time will be shown on your pre-course information. This is an opportunity to meet the instructors and/or mountain guides and chat about your skiing level and aspirations. The instructors and/or mountain guides will also chat about the course, meeting times and any other relevant information. Not all the instructors/guides are present at the welcome meeting. Adventure trips will vary. If you cannot attend the welcome meeting please let one of the Snoworks representatives know. Use the contact numbers shown on your pre-course information.

Arrivals On Saturday

If you arrive on Saturday with a course starting on Monday you will need to organise your own skiing for Sunday. This is normally used as a warm up day. Please note there will be no Snoworks representative until the Sunday welcome meeting.

Off-Snow Activities

Off-Snow activities are also provided in the form of technical chats, safety and video analysis depending on the course (see website). The structure, duration and number of these sessions will vary depending on the course, resort, itinerary and prevailing conditions.

Other Activities

Summer Courses
Other activities are available such as: river rafting, climbing, adventure parks, hydro speed and many other activities. These activities are not included in the course fee and are booked and paid for by you, the client, directly with the service provider. The contract is between you and the service provider. Snoworks, our instructors and/or mountain guides working on behalf of Snoworks have no responsibility for your particpation and safety whilst taking part in any other activities.

Some activities such as fitness training, volleyball, tennis, basketball etc are organised by the instructor running the course. You participate in these activities entirely at your own free will and accept that if you should be injured whilst participating in these activities it is your responsibility and will not hold either Snoworks or the instructor accountable.

Adventure Courses – Other Activities
On some of the Adventure trips other activities are included as part of the complete package. Using a skidoo or snowcat to ascend slopes. Being transported by 4×4 to the slopes. Horse riding, whitewater rafting, Tyrolean slide and other activities not listed here. Although these activities have been costed in as part of the package, the contract for these activities will still be between you, the client, and the service provider. Snoworks, our instructors and/or mountain guides working on behalf of Snoworks have no responsibility for these activities. Should an injury occur whilst taking part in these other activities the contract is between you and the service provider and any dispute will be between you and the service provider.

Groups And Ability Level

At the welcome meeting the Snoworks instructor/guide will gain an idea of your ski level, fitness, the speed you like to ski at and the slopes you like to tackle. We will then work out the groups for the first day. Depending on the week, we run between 1 to 6 groups and on some occasions more. For the first session we divide everyone into groups based on either the information you have provided us with, or by our record of your ability level from the previous time you skied with us. We will often move people around for the second session onwards in order to make sure groups are compatible. If you would like to move groups into a faster or slower moving group or a group that is tackling easier or more difficult terrain there is normally the possibility of doing this. If moving groups means going above the maximum number considered safe for the course, terrain and snow conditons then this will not be possible. If you ask to move groups but the instructor or mountain guide feels your level of ability will present a safety hazard if you switch groups then they will not be able to meet your request. Although we aim to accommodate all individual aspirations and needs the instructors or mountain guides working on behalf of Snoworks will have the final decision about which group you will ski in.

Mixed Level Ability Groups

On some weeks when we have fewer groups there is the likelihood that the group will contain a mixed level of ability. This means working more technically, waiting for slower members of a group, allowing faster members of the group to go ahead, group members working on different aspects of their skiing, group members tackling different terrain. If you are a stronger member of the group in a mixed ability group you will be required to be supportive towards slower members of the group. If you are a slower member of the group in a mixed ability group you will be required to work on individual aspects of your own skiing whilst stronger members work on other aspects of their skiing. This may mean travelling at a slower speed than the rest of the group, tackling easier terrain etc. All the instructors and mountain guides are very skilled at developing performance whilst catering for variations in levels of ability.

NOTE: By booking a Snoworks ski course you will be accepting the possibility you may be in a group of a mixed level of ability and have to adjust your aspirations accordingly.

Skiing With Friends / Relations

If you are coming on a half day ski course with partners and/or friends who are a different skiing level you may find that the time of your ski course is different to theirs. On the half day courses we try to alternate groups so that you can ski at similar times at different points during the week, however we cannot guarantee this. If you are at different levels but would like to ski in the same group we may be able to accommodate this. It will mean that the more experienced members of your party will ski in the group with the less experienced members of your party. We can only accommodate this request if the group remains under the maximum number of clients per group as deemed appropriate by the instructor/guide for the level of the group, terrain and snow conditions.

Accepting Risk

By booking a Snoworks course you will be taking advantage of a huge amount of experience and expertise. The instructors who work on behalf of Snoworks are very skilled at developing performance as described on the Snoworks website. Both the instructors and mountain guides are well trained in the safety aspects of skiing in the mountains. They can advise, help and lead you. However skiing involves an element of risk, which you must accept as inherent to the sport. You must take responsibility over your own actions and decisions when skiing on the mountain either by yourself or within a Snoworks group. It is known that accidents do happen as part of skiing. By booking on a Snoworks ski course you will be accepting the risk involved and accepting that an accident may happen. You will also be responsible for deciding to take part in any activity whether an exercise, a particular technique, skiing a particular slope, skiing a particular speed or skiing particular snow textures. In race training you will also be accepting whether to ski a particular ‘course’ and what speed to ski at. Snoworks and the instructors and mountain guides working on behalf of Snoworks cannot be held responsible for accidents and your actions. If at any point you wish not to take part in an activity for any reason then you must let the instructor or mountain guide know immediately.

Individual Responsibility And The FIS Code Of Conduct

All skiers must ski in accordance with the ‘FIS Skiers’ Code Of Conduct’. This is shown towards the later part of these booking conditions. Each member of the group has the responsibility to ski in accordance with these rules. Snoworks and the instructors and mountain guides working on behalf of Snoworks are not responsible for how each skier chooses to ski. If you are involved in an accident involving another member of the group or a member of the general public, Snoworks and the instructor or mountain guide working on behalf of Snoworks cannot be held responsible. If an injury occurs due to a collision or incident then your dispute will be with the person/persons involved in the incident and not Snoworks, the instructor or mountain guide.

On Snow Course Cancellation Due To Extreme Weather Or Lift Closure

Occasionally due to extreme weather conditions all the ski lifts in the resort may be closed. If we are unable to run our on-snow training we will supplement this with other off-snow activities. The off-snow activities may not be to the equivalent time that the ski course is advertised. We cannot give refunds for any on-snow time missed due to lift closure. Check your insurance policy as it may cover you for lift closure.

Travelling To Other Resorts Due To Lift Closure Or Poor Conditions

If in extreme situations there is a lack of snow in the resort, you may need to travel to other nearby resorts with superior conditions. The costs of travelling to and from these resorts will need to be paid by each client. The instructor or mountain guide working on behalf of Snoworks will choose whether to travel to other resorts and should you choose not to do so you will forfeit the course fee paid for that session.

Travelling Between Resorts

On some courses such as the Adventure trips, All-Terrain Safaris and Backcountry courses, and on occassions other Snoworks courses, you may need to be transported between resorts and ski lifts. In this instance Snoworks is not reponsible for any accident that occurs due to the transport service. Should an accident occur your dispute will be directly with the service provider of the transport and not Snoworks.

Other Expenses

On some courses, for example Backcountry and Adventure, the group will be travelling far away from the original destination. Some itineraries and routes may end up away from the lift system. Taxis or local transport may need to be used to return to the original destination. In this event any expenses for transport will need to be met by you, the client. On some courses you will be skiing from one valley to another or from one ski resort to another. It is possible that whilst you are in another valley or ski area away from your original destination all ski lifts that link the area could close for one reason or another, or you miss the last link available. In this case you will be responsible for any additional expenses incurred to either return by other means of transport to your original destination or stay overnight in alternative accommodation. Your insurance may cover this, please check.


On some courses, especially Off-Piste, Backcountry, Backcountry Access, Adventure and some All-Terrain courses, the instructor or mountain guide may plan routes to access certain runs and itineraries to access superior snow conditions and interesting terrain. These may involve an element of walking. If this is a planned route the instructor or mountain guide will inform you beforehand. If the majority of the group wish to take the planned ski route or itinerary and you choose not to, you will either have the option of joining another group that may be of a lower level, or if this is not possible you will have the option of opting out of this particular route. There will be no refund if you choose this option. The nature of off-piste skiing also means that snow texture and conditions are constantly changing from day to day and hour to hour. This means that routes often have to be amended whilst on the move due to snow conditions and safety. When booking onto any ski course you must be aware that this may happen.

Opting Out

If you think you may opt out of a session for any reason please aim to do so before the start of the session and let the instructor or mountain guide working on behalf of Snoworks or a Snoworks representative know beforehand. If you choose to opt out during a session, the instructor or mountain guide will lead you to a safe place from where you can opt out. From this point you will be accepting all responsibility for yourself. Should you have an accident returning to your original destination this will be your responsibility. In certain situations when safety is an issue the instructor or mountain guide will inform you that opting out is not advised until the group reaches a safe place. If you choose to go against this advice you may seriously endanger yourself and others that may have to be called to your rescue should you get into trouble. Should you choose to opt out you will be taking full responsibility for yourself.

Being Asked To Leave The Course

If the instructor or mountain guide feels that you are skiing or behaving in a manner that either endangers yourself, other members of the group or public or causes disruption within the group from either your skiing or your personal behaviour, the instructor or mountain guide will ask you to adjust your skiing and/or behaviour accordingly. Failure to do so could result in being asked to leave the course. In this situation no refunds will be given.

Safety Equipment

Off-Piste – Transceiver, Shovel, Probe, Backpack
On courses that involve off-piste skiing in certain areas and snow conditions, safety equipment must be carried. This involves wearing a transceiver and carrying a probe and shovel in a backpack. If you are booking onto a ski course involving off-piste skiing in these areas and you do not have this equipment we will provide it.

Using A Transceiver – Companion Rescue
On all courses involving off-piste skiing, using a transceiver to locate a companion is essential. If you are not familiar with using a transceiver the instructor or mountain guide will train you accordingly. You will be required to be able to use the transceiver to locate a companion in a scenario situation within a certain time. Training will be given for this. Failure to be able to use the transceiver (after substantial training) to locate a companion within the specified time will mean you may be unable to join the group for off piste skiing until you can show competency as requested. Further training will be organised and once you can complete the requested proficiency test you will be able to rejoin the course. If you are unable to use a transceiver (this is rare) you may not be able to join the off-piste group and will forfeit any monies paid.


All Courses – Compulsory
If you are venturing into demanding terrain with hazards, failure to wear a helmet could affect the decision of the instructor or mountain guide to lead you into certain terrain. You may be required to move into a group that is venturing into less demanding terrain with less hazards. The instructor and/or guide at their discretion can refuse you in their group if they believe not wearing a helmet represents a hazard to yourself or other members of the group in the case of a rescue scenario.
On all race courses including Race Carve, Race Camps, Junior Race, Eurotest, Test Technique, you will not be able to join the course without a helmet.

Declaring Existing Illnesses and Injuries

At the time of booking you must disclose any existing illnesses or injuries that could effect your ability to ski safely and competently and not place any undue risk on instructors, guides, other group members or members of the public. Snoworks will decide whether any existing illnesses or injuries that are disclosed will place instructors, mountain guides and other clients at risk after taking advice from our insurance company and the relevant skiing governing bodies. Failure to disclose any existing illnesses or injuries could result in an instructor or guide refusing to take you in a group. In this situation refunds cannot be given.


No refunds for missing course time can be given. In the event of Snoworks being unable to deliver the course as promised in the booking conditions, website and literature (for example due to staff illness or injury) we will refund on a pro rata basis any time missed or transfer missed time to a future course.


It is your responsibility to make sure you have adequate insurance cover for the ski course you have booked.

All Courses
Your insurance must cover you for off-piste skiing.  if you are an experienced off-piste skier you may want your insurance to cover you for off piste skiing unaccompanied by an instructor or guide. Check your policy.

Race Training / Race Carve / Autumn Ski Course / Summer Ski Course
You may need special insurance for race training. Check your policy.

Adventure Courses can include other optional activities such as: white water rafting, Tyrolean slides, horse riding etc.  Check your policy.

Summer Courses
You can book extra activities in the resort:  whitewater rafting, hydro slide, climbing, mountain biking, adventure park, plus a host of other activities. Check your policy.

Insurance provider options:
MPI Brokers
Carre Neige


SKIMILES™ is a Snoworks customer reward scheme solely for the use of those booking a ski course with Snoworks.
Snoworks reserves the right to change, add, amend SKIMILES™ earned and traded at any point, and will give notice accordingly.
Snoworks reserves the right to change, add, amend the items in which SKIMILES™ can be used against, and will give notice accordingly.
SKIMILES™ are earned on the value of the course fee paid and can be supplemented with other incentives.
SKIMILES™ can be saved up and on reaching the required number can be traded in for a full course or used an any future course for a part discount.
SKIMILES™ when traded in for a course discount will be costed at 1 SKIMILE™ = £0.18
SKI MILES™ decrease in value if not used within:
18 months 30%
30 months 60%
42 months 100%
SKI MILES™ are not applicable in conjunction with any other discounts or offers.
SKI MILES™ can not be applied retrospectively once the course balance has been paid
SKI MILES™ are not applicable to Gap courses, Instructor Training, or any courses shorter than 5 days in duration.
SKI MILES™ are only applied to the lead name of a booking and are non transferable.
SKI MILES™ have no cash equivalent.

FIS Skiers Code Of Conduct

It is the responsibility of every skier whether skiing by themselves or in a Snoworks group to adhere to the FIS skiers Code of Conduct as summarised below. Failure to do so, could lead to civil and criminal liability in the event of an accident. More detailed versions can be obtained from the FIS website.

1. Respect For Others
Skiers must behave in such a way that they do not endanger or prejudice others. Skiers are responsible for their behaviour and their equipment.

2. Control Of Speed And Skiing
Skiers must ski in control. They must adapt their speed and manner of skiing to their personal ability and to the prevailing conditions.

3. Choice Of Route
Skiers coming from behind must choose their route so as to not endanger skiers ahead. In other words, the skier in front/below always has priority.

4. Overtaking
Skiers may overtake other skiers above or below and to the right or the left, provided they leave enough space for the overtaken skier to make any voluntary or involuntary movement.

COMMENT: A skier or snowboarder who overtakes another is wholly responsible for completing that manoeuvre in such a way to cause no difficulty to the skier or snowboarder being overtaken. This responsibility rests with him until the overtaking manoeuvre has been completed. This rule applies even when overtaking a stationary skier or snowboarder.

5. Entering And Starting
Skiers entering a marked run or setting off must look up and down the run to make sure that they can do so without endangering themselves or others.

COMMENT: The development of carving skis and snowboards allows their users to carve and turn upwards on the slopes. Hence they move opposite to the general downhill traffic. They must, therefore, make sure in time that they can do so without endangering themselves and others.

6. Stopping On The Piste
Unless absolutely necessary, skiers must avoid stopping on the piste in narrow places or where visibility is restricted. After a fall in such a place the skier must move clear of the piste as soon as possible.

7. Climbing And Descending On Foot
Whether climbing or descending on foot, skiers must keep to the side of the piste.

8. Respect For Signs And Markings
Skiers must respect all signs and markings.

9. Assistance
At accidents all skiers are duty-bound to assist. Hit and run offences in skiing will incur a criminal conviction similar to hit and run offences on the road.

10. Identification
All skiers and witnesses, whether a responsible party or not, must exchange names and addresses following an accident.


If you have any complaints please speak directly to the instructor, mountain guide or a Snoworks representative immediately during your ski course. They will help rectify the problem as soon as possible if they can. Failure to speak with anyone during your stay could invalidate any complaint you may choose to make after your return. If you are still unsatisfied on your return please write directly to Snoworks.


The laws in France and other countries outside the UK apply the same to residents as non-residents. Even if you are a resident in the UK you will still be expected to abide by any local laws including driving, drinking and social behaviour. Skiing is a dangerous activity and cannot be undertaken safely when under the influence or effect of alcohol or lack of sleep. Snoworks reserves the right to refuse to train any candidate in this situation. Missing training could affect your ability to achieve the required level for BASI level 1 and 2. In case of persistent neglect of the above, Snoworks reserves the right to ask you to leave the course with no refund available.

Snoworks And Your Personal data

This is Snoworks’ Privacy Statement. It sets out how we deal with your personal data.  If you have any queries about this statement, please contact us by email [email protected]

1. “Personal Data” is any data that identifies you. The Personal Data which you supply to us you agree will be true. We will deal with your Personal Data in compliance with the current UK Data Protection Act 2018. Please note this applies only to Snoworks, not to other companies’ or organisations’ websites to which we may link.

2. Personal Data will be collected, processed and used by Snoworks for the purposes of providing the Snoworks service to you and the other purposes mentioned below. Personal Data may also be processed and used by such other organisations on our behalf for the purpose of providing the Snoworks service to you. The use of information will remain under the control of Snoworks at all times and WILL NOT BE SHARED WITH OTHER COMPANIES not involved in the supply of Snoworks-related services.

3. We will also contact you via email, post and text message to make you aware of news and services that we consider may be of interest to you or information regarding any up and coming ski courses. At any time thereafter booking on a course you can choose to stop receiving this information by emailing us at [email protected] or writing to us at Snoworks, P.O. Box 100, Bude, Cornwall, EX23 3AN, UK

4. We may collect Personal Data about your usage of the Snoworks service in order to provide a service to meet your needs. However, the data will only be disclosed on an anonymous and aggregated basis not in a way in which you will be identified.

5. Please note that any telephone calls made to Snoworks may be recorded and/or monitored for training and data protection purposes.

6. Photographs & Video: Snoworks reserves the right to use photographs and video taken during the delivery of its courses and training for reproduction on the Snoworks website or in other Snoworks marketing communications, including but not limited to print or online, without further consideration, accreditation or compensation. Snoworks reserves the right to crop or treat the photographs/video at its discretion. Full names will not be used unless participants express their desire to be identified.

Emergency Telephone Contacts

UK Office
0344 543 0503

French Office
Dialling from France 0033 684440748; From outside of France 0033684440748

Snoworks Ltd. registered in the UK Number 250125.

(Updated 24/9/2020)


To make it as easy as possible for you to book a Snoworks course we have arranged travel and/or accommodation options on almost every course that can be booked through Snoworks. We have termed all services extra to the Snoworks ski course as ‘Other Services’.

What Do Other Services Cover?

Depending on the course other services can include:
• Travel and accommodation.
• Accommodation only with you organising your own travel.
• Transfers from the airport if you have booked your own flights.
• On some specialist courses other services such as entry fees, ski passes, other forms of uplift including the use of skidoos, snowcats, other off snow activities including but not limited to; white water rafting and other water based activities, horse riding, tyrolean slides, climbing, basketball, volleyball and fitness.
* On race training this includes the use of designated ‘stades’.

Who Are The Other Services Providers?

We use many different types of service providers including:
* Tour operators including but not limited to; Mark Warner, Silver Ski, Inghams.
* Chalet Operators including but not limited to; Prèmiere Neige, The Tignes Chalet Company, Family Friendly Skiing, Ski Inspired, Ski Blanc.
• Local hotels including but not limited to; hotel Jolanda Sport in Gressoney, hotel Rindererhof Hintertux, hotel La Plaza in Corvara.
• Service providers including but not limited to; Amity Travel Chile & Argentina, Ski Blanc Meribel, The Tignes Chalet Company.
* Travel Agents including but not limited to; Natalies Travel Australia.
• Transport companies including but not limited to; Showtrain Chamonix, Four Seasons Travel Germany, Alpine Sherpa Tignes, 3V Transfers Three Valleys.
• The British Association of Snowsport Instructors.
• Other individuals and companies.
• Local service providers including but not limited to; lift companies, club des sports, securité des pistes.

Agreeing To The Booking Conditions For Other Services

You will need to read and agree to:
1. The Snoworks ‘Other Services’ booking conditions.
2. The booking conditions of the service providers that your accommodation, travel and other services are booked with.

By booking any other services by telephone, email or letter with Snoworks you will be agreeing to both the Snoworks Other Services Booking Conditions and the Booking Conditions of the other service provider and will be bound by them. If you are booking on behalf of others you will also be taking on responsibility that the other members of your group have read and agree to them. Please read them carefully and if there is anything you are unsure about please contact us immediately. Details of the booking conditions of the other service providers your booking involves can be obtained from the Snoworks office or can be obtained by contacting the service provider directly. Please contact us if you require them. Snoworks cannot be held responsible for the failure of not reading them. If the other service providers do not have booking conditions or equivalent you will be bound by the Snoworks Booking Conditions.

Financial Protection Over Monies Paid In Advance

Any monies paid in advance (of your departure date) for other services are held in a Snoworks trust account and are only used to pay the service provider in the following circumstances:
1. The service provider that we are booking your other services with have financial security arrangements in place either through bonding, insurance or the operation of their own trust account.
2. You return from your holiday/ski course so the service has been provided.

Accuracy Of Information Concerning Other Services

When booking any other services through Snoworks you must take care in reading all the relevant documentation on the Snoworks website and on the website of the service providers. This information along with any emails and/or letters will go towards portraying an accurate picture of what you have booked.

Liability Concerning Other Services

Your contract for other services will be directly with the service providers. Should any problems arise between you and the service providers such as an accident or any dispute whatsoever, you will be required to take the matter up directly with the relevant party concerned and not with Snoworks. Snoworks is not liable for accidents or disputes involving other service providers.

Standard Of Accommodation Of Service Providers

The standard of the accommodation varies. Variations can include but are not limited to; room size, beds, ensuite or shared facilities, baths or showers, distance from the ski lifts, quality and quantity of meals, choice of meals, inclusive or exclusive wine with meals and the standard of the wine, afternoon tea and cakes provided or not provided, hotel or chalet facilities, drying facilities. It is important that you have a true idea of what you have booked. Accommodation is described on the Snoworks website along with any correspondence between yourself and Snoworks. It will also be described on the service providers’ own website and brochure if they have one. Please read everything carefully and if you are unsure that the service will meet your expectations please contact the office prior to booking for clarification. For more in depth details on the service providers’ accommodation the Snoworks office can direct you to the appropriate place. Please do not book the accommodation if it looks like it will not meet your expectations.


The positioning of the accommodation varies along with the rooms within each hotel or chalet. Ski resorts can be noisy places.  There can be late night activity from party goers along with early morning activity of snowploughs and refuse collectors. We cannot guarantee the level of noise you will experience in the accommodation you book. In some cases rooms are closer to bars and will experience more late night activity. Also when sharing rooms we cannot guarantee the noise level from your room partner (snoring). We strongly advise you to take and use some form of noise reduction such as earplugs. We cannot guarantee that you will be able to change either your room, accommodation or room partner once you have booked and paid for your accommodation.

Travelling On Your Own

We have many skiers coming on Snoworks courses by themselves who return year after year. It’s a great way to meet other like minded skiers and to meet other skiers who ski at a similar level to yourself. In many cases strong friendships have been formed and have formed the basis for very social skiing groups and trips in the future. It is often very difficult to secure single rooms. On some weeks we can organise single rooms with a supplement.  We can place you in a female or male share at no extra cost where there is a sharer available; on some of our weeks there will be an under occupancy supplement payable if we are not able to find a sharer.  Please refer to the office for costs.

Booking Accommodation And Travel

You can reserve accommodation and travel (where advertised) to go with the Snoworks ski course by calling our office and paying a deposit of £125 (£175 for Mark Warner packages). The full amount is due within 12 weeks of your departure date. If booking within 12 weeks of your departure date the full amount is required on reserving your space. We cannot reserve any spaces in accommodation until we have received a deposit. Full balance must be received within the specified time. Notices will be given if final balances are not received and failure to pay final balances within the specified time could result in the holiday being cancelled with no refund of the deposit paid.

Twin shared accommodation booked through Snoworks

If you are an individual and wish to share with another Snoworks skier to avoid paying under occupancy supplements you can book as a twin share.  For all bookings  confirmed by us and paid in full up to 8 weeks prior to departure we will not charge any under occupancy supplement if no sharer is found.  This applies for all dates where we are featuring specific named accommodation, not including any ‘Snoworks Adventure’ trips .  If balance payments are received later than 8 weeks prior to departure a single supplement may be applied to your booking.

In order to help us match individuals in shared twins you need to be flexible on your dates/resorts if at all possible.

Where there is no specific named/featured accommodation held by us, or we advise accommodation needs to be booked directly with the hotel, chalet or tour operator, or where accommodation is on request, we are unable to guarantee twin shares and there may be an under occupancy supplement payable.   We will try our best to match up sharers but each person may pay a different price depending on the selling price of the accommodation at the time of booking.  We may also ask you to pay an under occupancy supplement that will be refunded when we find a sharer for your room.

Booking Accommodation Only With The Option Of Airport Transfers

On some weeks where ‘accommodation only’ is booked you can organise your own flights and book a return transfer with Snoworks from the airport to the resort. We have organised transfers to depart and arrive from designated airports at specific times. These are advertised on our website and details can be found by on the course date pages.
Booking Your Own Outbound Flight: We advise on leaving at least 1 hour between your flight arriving and the advertised transfer time departing from the airport.
Booking Your Own Inbound Flight: We advise on leaving at least 1.5 hours between the advertised transfer time arriving at the airport and your flight departing.

Missing The Advertised Transfer

The transfer will need to depart at the advertised time. If for any reason you will not make the advertised time please call a Snoworks representative on one of the contact numbers given in our course joining information to let them know. You may need to organise and pay for a private transfer when you arrive at the airport. This may be covered on your insurance. Please check your policy.

Cancellation Charges For Other Service Providers With No Booking Conditions

You will be bound by the cancellation charges of the service provider your booking is made with. If the service provider your booking is made with does not have booking conditions you will be agreeing to the following cancellation charges per person booked:

  • Prior to 70 days before departure – Loss of deposit paid
  • 29 to 70 days – Loss of 50% of full amount payable
  • 28 days or less – Loss of 100% of full amount payable

Ski Carriage

Tour Operators will be adding a charge for ski carriage. Please let our booking office know in advance if you intend to carry skis on your flight. Failure to book and pay for ski carriage in advance could mean that the airline may refuse the carriage of your skis when checking in at the airport or may make an extra charge at the airport. If booking your own flights please check with the airline.


Check your passport is up to date. Some countries require that your passport is valid for a further 6 months from the date of your return.


If you have any complaints please see a local representative of the service provider or a Snoworks representative during your stay. The Snoworks representative will aim to help rectify the problem as soon as possible if they can. Failure to speak with anyone during your stay could invalidate any complaint you may choose to make after your return. If you are still unsatisfied on your return please write direct to the service provider and to Snoworks.

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(Updated 11 October 2018)