Ask Snoworks

Will I be skiing with people of a similar skiing standard?

YES. Our instructors arrange groups of skiers that will complement each other to progress and improve.  We may have many different groups running alongside one another on almost every week.

What’s the difference between a Snoworks course and ski school?

Traditionally, a ski school service is designed to meet the needs of skiers ‘en-masse’ coming to a specific resort, often provided as a ‘package’ of lessons designed by the national ski teaching system – which can also vary greatly between each country. Because of the high number of skiers coming through each day, a national standard teaching system is often the norm as the most productive and commercial solution to get through all the lessons. Many people say that ski school can be a ‘processed’ experience.

A Snoworks ski course aspires to attend to each individual skier’s needs, providing a programme of personalised ski coaching and goal setting, rather than just general instruction provided by the system – more like having a personal trainer, than being a member of a gym class! Course programmes are also consistently delivered whatever country we’re going to!

Snoworks course programmes are designed with the goal of efficiently being able to ski all snow and mountain terrains, and developing the necessary skills required. Many ski schools are reputed to still be focussing on body shape and ‘how you look’ on skis, which we believe greatly narrows the available spectrum of skiing experiences!



What’s the difference between All-Terrain and Off-Piste courses?

All-Terrain covers​ the whole mountain. On piste, off piste, bumps and development of skills and drills to ski the whole mountain in variable conditions such as ice, fresh snow, poor visibility and mountain conditions that can so often hinder skiers from improving.  Work on your ski control and confidence.

Blue/red run skiers – we advise booking a Ski Skills course.  Red/black run skiers – this is your introduction to off piste skiing.  For all other levels we will ski the whole mountain.

Off-Piste is away from the beaten track and the pistes. Off-Piste develops the skills for coping with the mountain environment as conditions begins to change. Fresh snow, deep snow, steeper terrain, variable terrain and weather including poor visibility.  For those wanting to progress to Backcountry, Backcountry Access and Adventure courses.

What’s the difference between Off-Piste and Backcountry courses?

Off-Piste is half days with Snoworks instructors and Backcountry is full days with a combination of Snoworks instructors and local ski guides enabling you to ski much further away from the pistes.

What’s the difference between Backcountry and Backcountry Access courses?

For Backcountry courses the off piste descents are accessed by ski lifts alone, for Backcountry Access the desents are accessed by ski lifts and touring skis, involving skinning for up to 2 hours per day.  The one exception is Baqueira Backcountry, where we use touring skis for a short time to access further off piste runs away from the ski lifts.

Can I ski with you for full days when there are only half day courses advertised?

Yes.  On most weeks there is the option (depending on group sizes and ski levels) to “double up” – you can join us for a course in the morning and the afternoon.  See our All Mountain Ski courses on the website or contact the office to see if this is available on the week you are joining us and it’s not on our website.

I can’t come out for the full week, can I still join a course?

Yes. We can offer you shorter durations from Monday to Friday and the cost will be pro rata.  However we recommend joining at the beginning of the week.

Can juniors/children join your courses?

Most of our courses are purely for adults, however if they are at the minimum level for the course, please contact the office for more advice.  Our Junior Ski Race courses are purely for them and develop their skiing with other juniors if they don’t want to ski with adults all week!



I’m thinking of coming skiing by myself. Is a Snoworks course suitable for single skiers?

Absolutely – 80% of Snoworks guests travel by themselves. This is the great thing about a Snoworks course. You can come by yourself knowing there will be many other skiers that you can ski with who are also travelling by themselves.

In fact many Snoworks clients who first came skiing by themselves have now met many other skiers that they are now friends with, it’s a great way to meet and ski with other like minded skiers.

I’m a single skier, do I have to pay a single room supplement?

Yes – we offer limited accomodation options and unless we can find someone to share a room there will be a supplement to pay.  If you do want a room to yourself you will need to book early to secure this and we can offer these.

I’m worried about skiing by myself outside of the Snoworks course

You can book on one of the all day courses such as the Backcountry, All Terrain Safari, All Day All Terrain or an Adventure trip. If you book on one of the half day courses there are always other skiers to ski with from the group either after or before the course and there may be an option to “double up” with another course – join us for a course in the morning and the afternoon.



I’m an intermediate skier – your courses look too advanced for me

Absolutely not.  If you’re an intermediate skier you’ve arrived at the level where you can ski reds and easy blacks. This is the time to book on a ski course and develop your skills to help you cope with conditions as they become more varied.

I’m an intermediate skier but worried that I will not be at the level required. What will happen if I’m not at the level?

If you can ski blues whatever the conditions and easy reds and have good fitness level then you are at the level for most weeks. In some cases when a skier has been below this level or their fitness is below average we have arranged alternative lessons in the resort. If this happens you can rest assured that we will organise the most suitable instruction in the resort for your level and you can still benefit from being part of the Snoworks group. Hopefully if this happens then the alternative lessons we organise will help you get to the right level for future Snoworks courses.



I’m a more competent skier and my partner / friend is an intermediate skier. Can you cater for us both?

Absolutely. Our All Terrain and Off Piste courses offer groups of different ski levels on most weeks. You can slot into groups suitable for your own level.

I’m coming with others of a different ski level, will our courses be at the same time?

Not necessarily.  Our instructors take a group in the morning and a group in the afternoon so you may find that you are in  groups at different times.  We rotate groups so that everyone gets a chance to ski in the morning and the afternoon, so it may be possible for you to ski at the same time of day for part of the week.  Please indicate this request at the time of booking and we will do our best to arrange the timings to suit you, this is only possible if you are all booked on the same course.

If it is not possible when we arrange the groups, the stronger skier could join the lower level group and work more technically.

I’ve been taught by many ski instructors in the past – all have different opinions on how to ski which has left me confused. Is Snoworks simply going to confuse things further?

Because Snoworks teaches ‘all-mountain skills’ rather than ‘skiing techniques’, your perspective of skiing will move away from stringing together technical theories and ideas, to the science of skiing and learning a specific skill for the terrain you’re skiing on. There are hundreds of ways of getting down a mountain, but only a limited number of ways of being an effective skier. Snoworks’ snow, ski and mountain knowledge (regardless of the country you’re skiing in) is our key difference.



Do you offer a loyalty scheme?

Unfortunately we have been forced to pause the loyalty SKIMILES scheme until further notice.

Do you cater for Snowboarders on your courses?

Our courses are designed for skiers, advanced Snowboarders have joined us on some of our Adventures, but our teaching is not geared towards boarding.

Are lift passes included in your course fees?

No.  Please see each page for advice on ski passes, these can be purchased via a tour operator, or when you arrive in resort.  The one exception is Hintertux – lift passes are included in the price.