Refer A Friend

refer a friend and
You'll both get a £50 discount!

Refer a friend and they will get £50 off their first Snoworks course booking, and once they have booked we’ll give you £50 off your next course booking as a thank you. Enter your name and email in the campaign below to get your own personal share link to send to your friends.

For more details of how the campaign works please scroll further down the page.

How It Works

  1. How The Program Works

As a customer we would love you to tell your ski friends, who haven’t ever been on a Snoworks course, to give us a try using our Refer-A-Friend campaign. We will offer your friend a “welcome” discount of £50 off their first Snoworks ski course booking. When they book, we will then offer you a £50 discount off your next Snoworks ski course booking as a “thank you”. 

Please Note: 

This referral offer can only be generated by using your personal link in the campaign signup form. So telling friends via word of mouth will not provide access to these discount codes/rewards.

Also, this referral is only applicable to future bookings. It can not be used on a ski course if you have already; paid a deposit, or paid a full balance, or skied on the course.


  1. A Completed Referral Is:

The person invited (Referee) must use the shared link sent by the person who is offering the referral (Referrer) to access the referee’s “welcome” discount code. When the person invited (Referee) books onto a Snoworks course using their code it will count as a Completed Referral. Only at this point will the referrer receive their “thank you” credit of £50 into their referrals account. The discount is only applicable when the shared personal link is used by the Referee.


  1. Issuing Of Discount Codes

The person doing the referring (Referrer) can invite as many friends as they like. They will receive a £50 “thank you” discount code every time a Referral Completes. Each time a referral is complete, the Referrer will receive an email informing them that a £50 credit has been added to their referrals account. 

When the Referrer is ready to book their next course and would like to use their “thank you” credits, they will need to email or call Linda in the office. Linda will need to know which course the Referee will be booking onto and she will then create a personalised discount code.

The person invited (Referee) can only ever use one “welcome” discount code, after this point they will no longer be a first-time customer. Their discount code is valid for 12 months from the date of the code being issued.

The person invited (Referee), must be new to Snoworks. If a “welcome” discount code is used and we find the person has previously skied on a Snoworks course, we will remove the discount code from the new booking and the £50 will be added to the outstanding balance. The Referrer will also have their £50 “thank you” discount removed.

You can view the Terms and Conditions of the campaign here.