Reach New Heights

Ski Courses

Intermediate skiers through to advanced, experts and elite skiers. All aspirations on-piste and off-piste.

  • Skiers who want to improve
  • Skiers who want great skiing experiences
  • Skiers who want to ski with other skiers of similar levels

Over 12 different types of courses

“Absolutely fantastic. I loved every minute of it – especially the Snoworks approach! It just suits me perfectly and I never felt so free and confident to ski as I did last week. To top it all, it was so much fun”

Also, incredible international Ski Adventures, Ski Instructor Training & Race Training.
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All-Terrain Ski
All-mountain skills for all-mountain skiing
Learn about All-Terrain Ski
Off-Piste Ski
Skills development for off-piste skiing
Learn about Off-Piste Ski
Summer Autumn Ski Skills
Pre-Season SkI Skills Development
Learn about Summer Autumn Ski Skills
Summer Autumn Race Carve
Carving and technical skill development
Learn about Summer Autumn Race Carve
Off-Piste Ski Backcountry
Off-Piste Backcountry skiing in amazing destinations, lift accessed.
Learn about Off-Piste Ski Backcountry
Off-Piste Ski Backcountry Access
Incredible off-piste experiences with the use of skins
Learn about Off-Piste Ski Backcountry Access
All-Terrain Ski Safari
Ski places you never knew existed
Learn about All-Terrain Ski Safari
Ski Steeps
Skills development and for skiing steep terrain
Learn about Ski Steeps
Ski Legends
Adventurous off-piste skiers in their 60s 70's 80's
Learn about Ski Legends
Junior Ski Race
Ski Race Training for skiers who have outgrown ski school
Learn about Junior Ski Race
Private Ski Coaching
Your own private ski coach
Learn about Private Ski Coaching
Off-Piste Ski Safety
Safety development for the mountain environment
Learn about Off-Piste Ski Safety
Ski Webinars
Open Your Mind
Learn about Ski Webinars
Fit For Skiing
Fit For Skiing, Fit For Life
Learn about Fit For Skiing
Spectacular Ski Adventures
International Skiing Adventures to exotic locations around the world
Learn about International Ski Adventures
Ski Racers and Instructors
Training for Ski Racers and Ski Instructors
Learn about Pro Ski courses