Time To 'Go Open'

Why Snoworks?


Hi, I’m Phil Smith, founder of Snoworks Ski Courses and I’d like to introduce you to the most comprehensive programme of ski courses anywhere in the world along with unique ski philosophies that set us apart from traditional ski schools. If you love skiing as much as we do then you’ve come to the right place.


We are a hand picked team of ski instructors/coaches, mountain guides and skiing professionals who just love skiing and love teaching skiing. We want to share with you our passion and our thirst for great skiing experiences and skiing exciting ski destinations. We want to help you achieve your full potential, help you on your journey of skiing more of the mountain, help you to enjoy skiing as much as we do!


  • Skiers who want to improve?
  • Skiers who want amazing skiing experiences?
  • Skiers who want to ski with other like minded skiers of the same level? 

At Snoworks we aspire to attend to every individual skier’s needs, providing a programme of personalised ski coaching and goal setting, rather than just general instruction provided by the system – it’s more like having a personal trainer within a group listening to your needs. We balance the need between improving and having amazing skiing experiences. A blend between great instructing and great guiding. A win win situation.

Snoworks ski course programmes are designed with the goal of being able to develop skills to ski more of the mountain, what we term ‘all-mountain skiing’. Thousands of intermediate skiers arrive at a point called ‘The Intermediate Plateau’ – the point at which they struggle to improve. This is often at the tricky Red Run stage but can be at any point, Blacks, steeper terrain, ice, narrow paths, moguls, slush, ice, bad visibility. For advanced and expert skiers the plateau may be off-piste and deep powder. It’s really simple to understand why these plateaus occur and at Snoworks we have helped thousands of skiers progress through learning plateaus to ski places they had only dreamt about. We term the process ‘Going Open‘.

Read one clients perspective of her first course with Snoworks. ‘The proof is in the pudding’


• For intermediate, advanced, expert and elite skiers
• For recreational and holiday skiers
• For ski racers