The All Mountain Philosophy

Why Snoworks?


I’m Phil Smith, founder of Snoworks and I’d like to introduce you to the most comprehensive programme of ski courses anywhere in the world and unique ski philosophies that set us apart from traditional ski schools. If you love skiing as much as we do then you’ve come to the right place.


A hand picked team of ski instructors/coaches and mountain guides who just love skiing. We want to share with you our passion and our thirst for great skiing experiences and exciting destinations. We want to show you what you are capable of and help you on your journey of skiing more of the mountain. We want you to enjoy skiing as much as we do!


  • You want to improve?
  • You want amazing skiing experiences?
  • You want to ski with other skiers of the same level? 

At Snoworks we aspire to attend to each individual skier’s needs, providing a programme of personalised ski coaching and goal setting, rather than just general instruction provided by the system – more like having a personal trainer, than being a member of a gym class! Course programmes are also consistently delivered whatever country we’re going to.

Snoworks course programmes are designed with the goal of efficiently being able to ski all snow and mountain terrains, and developing the necessary skills required.   Many intermediate skiers have reached what we term ‘The Intermediate Plateau‘ – the point at which skiers feel they no longer appear to improve. It’s really simple to understand why it occurs and we have helped many skiers move forward to ski the whole mountain in all conditions, rather than be limited to certain pistes and specific conditions.


• For intermediate, advanced, expert and elite skiers
• For recreational and holiday skiers
• For professional skiers

Our expert ski instructors unlock hidden boundaries