Brexit What does it mean for Snoworks Ski Courses?

In two words – International Recognition.

Snoworks instructors and mountain guides all have international qualifications. These qualifications are accepted worldwide. For many years at Snoworks we’ve not just been running courses in the EU. We’ve travelled all over the world. Chile, Argentina, Kashmir, Japan, Turkey, Canada, America, Norway. Along with countries closer to home, Austria, Italy, France, Switzerland and of course the UK. All our instructors and guides have worldwide recognised qualifications and that’s not going to change. Worldwide recognition means worldwide recognition.

For ski instructors the worldwide recognised qualification equates to the ISTD or in its full name ‘International Ski Teaching Diploma’ and for mountain guides, they are members of the IFMGA or in its full name the ‘International Federation of Mountain Guides Association’.

At Snoworks we have been operating throughout Europe and the world for so long that many guides and instructors are as local as the locals themselves with their families living amongst the local communities, children going to school and racing in the local clubs, registered local businesses along with paying taxes in their country of residence and contributing to local communities.

On many courses we use local nationals. In Austria we use Austrian guides from the local Arlberg Ski School, in Japan our guide is employed by Hanazono Powder Guides, in France we often use local mountain guides, in Chile we work with Amity Tours and in Telluride on our last trip we worked with one of their top instructors the famous free skier Scott Kennett. In fact in more or less every resort Snoworks operates we work as much as we can with local communities, creating partnerships with ski schools where we can and ski shops to provide exceptional services to our guests.

All in all this equates to welcome, bienvenue, willkomen, benvenuto, velkommen, bienvenida, yōkoso, hosgeldiniz.

This coming season we have expanded our programme to include more courses worldwide. We’ve added Kyrgyzstan to our programme, we’re heading back to Telluride and new for this coming season is Spain.

We’re looking forward as always to seeing more, skiing more and experiencing more of the mountains worldwide and sharing those experience with Snoworks skiers.

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