Different Ski Levels – No Problem

“For years my partner and myself have been going skiing together and for years we’ve been coming up with the same problem. I am more adventurous and ski at a higher speed than my partner. We both want to get better, we both love our skiing. Every year we end up with the same scenario. How can we both get what we want out of our skiing but still have a ski holiday together? We’ve always had a lovely time but more often then not our time on the snow fell below expectations. I would persuade my partner to tackle more demanding terrain often leading to bouts of hysteria as to why we ended up perched on the side of a precipice.

Then we found Snoworks and discovered lots of other couples in exactly the same situation. Was it possible that we could both have a great ski holiday together, get what we wanted on the slopes and still have time to ski together? It all sounded too good to be true. We booked. On the evening of arrival Phil and the other Snoworks instructors greeted us all and chatted to us each individually to get an idea of our level, what sort of skiing we wanted to do during the week and whether we wanted to be pushed or ski within our comfort zone.

We had booked on the All-Terrain half-day course so it meant that my partner and myself could go into separate groups for half a day and still have time to ski together for the other half a day. They could not guarantee that our groups would be at the same time everyday as there were many different couples all at different levels. However they did guarantee to rotate groups so we would get some of the week with our lessons at the same time. It just so happened on this occasion our groups ended up being at the same time for the whole week so we could get exactly what we wanted.

We were both a bit nervous to begin with as we have always skied together in the past and suddenly skiing with other skiers that we had never met before all seemed a bit daunting. Did we need to worry? Not in the slightest. Why had we not done this type of skiing holiday before? I’ll never know. On the first day away we went. Everyone was in the same boat. I was in a group of Adventurous Intermediates (Snoworks Level 4) and my partner was in a group of more nervous Intermediates (Snoworks Level 3). In no time at all I was introduced to the skills that would allow me to venture into the off-piste, what I’ve always wanted. Whilst my partner could learn to cope with more demanding conditions on-piste such as steeper blues and reds, bumps, ice and to my amazement by the end of the week was even able to ski blacks confidently. Both of us were even able to ski in bad visibility, something we have always dreaded.

We met so many skiers all in the same situation that we even ended up skiing with the other skiers on the other half day when we were not in a course. By the end of the week I could venture off piste competently and actually ski powder! My partner could cope with steep awkward reds, ice and even easy Blacks. What a contrast to our previous ski holidays where I always felt frustrated and held back and my partner constantly terrified that I would end up taking her down a Black.

Now we book all our skiing holidays with Snoworks and I’ve learnt that the most important aspect of our skiing holiday is our time on the snow. We’ve also made lots of new friends with similar interests. We keep in touch and organise our skiing holidays so they coincide.”

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