New Off-Snow Presentations Planned On Snoworks Ski Courses in 2015

Phil Smith reports on what you can expect off-snow on Snoworks Ski Courses this coming season.
Photo: Polly Baldwin Dynamic Pictures

If you’ve been on a Snoworks Ski Course before you’ll be well aware of our ‘after ski’ presentations. For many of our guests the feedback has been these presentations are an invaluable part of the Snoworks Ski Course programme. Many have had their perceptions radically changed and their performance as a result. The object is to help people understand what is required to improve skiing so this can then be translated back onto the snow.

As many previous guests will know the main focus on a Snoworks Ski Course has been moving from the ‘CLOSED’ to the ‘OPEN’ environment. This is where many aspirant all-mountain skiers first come unstuck, learning plateaus evolve and skiers become frustrated at their inability to improve. What appears to be a simple task like coping with ice can cause major issues, or when the visibility deteriorates, or the snow becomes slushy or bumpy. The reality is that coping with these changes in snow texture and terrain is quite simple but only if you have begun the open journey. To learn more about open and closed sports click here.

If it’s your first time on a Snoworks Ski Course the main subject of conversation is the ‘Open’ environment and one of the evenings early on in the week is devoted to this. Understanding the ‘Open’ philosophy is vital to learning to cope with terrain as it becomes more varied. Chats often evolve during the evening to encompass other key factors that effect performance in an open environment such as, ‘Connecting With The Mountain’ and ‘Moving Snow‘. The good news is these chats will continue. So if you haven’t sat through one yet, enjoy.


Many guests are already well tuned in to these philosophies and being polite, continue to sit through them over and over again. Of course it’s a chance to socialise as well and have a beer or two. But this coming season due to feedback from some of our guests we’re please to announce new chats to go along with the existing ones. How exciting! These may include but will certainly not be limited to:
One of my favourite subjects. Exploring exotic unusual destinations throughout the world including South America, Japan, Kashmir and New Zealand.
A round up of the latest equipment, design features, servicing and how to make sure you equipment is not holding you back.
Not the ‘Open’ chat that all existing customers are familiar with. More about watching others skiers coping with open environments and more aligned to an open (there’s that word again) discussion.
Safe conduct in off-piste environments including companion rescue and emergency procedures.

We’ll continue to use video feedback to enhance learning and this will also be after skiing. But it won’t always be what everybody expects from a video feedback session – ‘what are you doing wrong’. How about ‘what are you doing right’ and rather than walking away disappointed with what you see, how about walking away from a video session with a smile on your face and an air of confidence. Now that’s different.

Of course we’re well aware that some customers feel a useful feedback session is when your technique is ripped to shreds. But to be honest it’s not very useful thinking you can’t ski (ring any bells). Great skiing comes from an inner confidence, feeling good about yourself, having belief and enjoying your skiing. Now wouldn’t it be great to have a video session that gives you all that plus a knowledge of how to get better.

If you have anything that you would like to be added to enhance your Snoworks experience off-snow please add a note below.