Slalom Training At Landgraaf Indoor Snowdome

AUGUST 27TH -31ST 2020

Emma Carrick-Anderson, Snoworks Race Coach, reports from our inaugural slalom camp at the famous Snowworld in Landgraaf, Holland.

I have been involved in competitive ski racing either competing myself or more recently coaching athletes full time since as long as I can remember. It’s been my life since I was old enough to slide on 2 planks. Incredible then really that in 40 years I have never set foot inside a ski dome! To be honest the main reason has always been that skiing for me is not just about the stuff going on underfoot but also hugely about the incredible views and ambiance of the mountain environment.

Hence I’d always rather head up to the various glaciers around Europe during the summer months and accept whatever conditions we were given. Often we were very lucky enjoying cool temperatures and beautiful firm snow but occasionally mother nature goes against us skiers sending us a full on heat wave destroying any chance of getting firm training conditions. Of course skiing is a very ‘open’ sport and as athletes and coaches know we must all be able to ski on any surface and in any weather conditions.

I had been thinking about heading to one of the domes for a while especially during the hot months when Glaciers are at their barest. There are several great Domes around the World but I was looking at the European ones and was particularly looking for length and snow/ice surface. I was debating between Peer in Belgium and Snowworld in Holland and finally decided upon Snowworld (Landgraaf).

From the moment we arrived in Landgraaf we were hooked. It was as if we had arrived in a new world where frighteningly you didn’t need to leave the building for anything! The hotel is attached to the ski slope and there are various restaurants for guests to dine. There is a separate restaurant for ski teams which is ideal as often you will need to breakfast at 0600 ready for the 0700 to 0900 training slot. Upon booking you choose your training times and training lanes so I chose I variety of times and a variety of snow surfaces. Everyone trains twice a day and each session lasts 2 hours. During each session you can easily get 14/15 runs in. That’s an incredible amount of training mounting to about 28 runs a day resulting in outstanding development in such a short, intense time. There are 5 training lanes with 2 water injected lanes which is irreplaceable for getting used to skiing on ice. There is ice and then there are ‘ice rinks on their side’!
On site facilities offered us ski tuning rooms (vital for skiers training on the ice) and video rooms for instant feedback.

Away from the snow facilities there is one of the best equipped gyms I’ve ever used and I even subjected myself to a full on Kick boxing class.  The kids loved the post ski/fitness facilities too making use of the outdoor toboggan track and ‘go ape’ climbing park and for anyone needing to ease any achy muscles there is a great little Spa.

We will definitely be running more dome training camps and I’m already looking at dates for next summer. If its slalom development you are looking for then add this to your summer training. 110 training runs over 4 days is a sure way to develop your skiing and combine this with all the other activities and you just cant beat it!

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