What Will We Be Skiing On Next Winter? – Salomon BBR 10 is launched

Phil Smith Director of Snoworks reports on next years BBR’s and what his choice for hitting the slopes in 2013 will be.

If this winter was not exciting enough! Amazing snow, great skiing and to top it all great skis. The BBR 8.9 was my choice for all-mountain in 2012. If you didn’t see our review of the BBR 8.9 you can click this link and see Emma Carrick-Anderson and myself in action.

The ski provided me with everything I needed for all-mountain. An amazing side cut of 13.5m (not far off a slalom ski) phenomenal for carving.  The tip at 147mm is bigger than most out and out off-piste skis! …. and stiffness – it’s stiff, so at speed has incredible grip.

It even performed on water!

True I’m biased. I ski on Salomon all the time. So let me assure you all skis are great whatever the make or model. You pick one and go skiing on it. As long as the soles are slippery you can have a great time. However get the right ski for the type of skiing you like the most and the sheer joy of skiing jumps to another level

For me this ski was the BBR 8.9 – So what makes the BBR 8.9 the best all-mountain skis I’ve ever used?

Previously my quiver of skis would include:
• A slalom ski for hooning around the mountain
• A GS ski for hooning around at even greater speed
• An all-mountain ski for everything – Jack of all trades, master of none.
• An off-piste ski for shallow off-piste that was manoeuverable, light and fun
• A really fat ski for deep off-piste and higher speeds

My slaloms were fun but not ideal in deep snow. My GS’s were great but tough doing shorter turns. My all-mountain skis were ok but too narrow for when it got deep.  My smaller off-piste skis were ok but to narrow for deep and too soft for hooning around. My out and out off-piste skis were great as long as it was out and out off-piste!

Five skis. This year I skied on one all season. The BBR 8.9. True.

So for next year? 6 different BBR’s are on their way and for me I’m looking at the BBR 10. A ski 10mm wider then the 8.9 with the same V-shape profile and big tip. The deep snow beckons! Will it give me everything the 8.9 did and more? That I wont know till I get a pair through the post. I’ll still be on the 8.9’s for the time being but the 10’s sound pretty interesting.

Stay posted.

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