NEW Legends Ski Courses

New ‘Legends’ Ski Courses for 2021 for adventurous off-piste skiers in their 60’s 70’s & 80’s.

Main photo: Ski Legends Alan Jackson and Sarah Bridge with Snoworks Director Phil Smith in Tignes on the Snoworks Off-Piste and All-Terrain Courses.
If these days you prefer to ski at your own pace, enjoy great company, relish a few more stops along the way and love skiing in the off-piste environment then the Legends Courses may be right up your street.

Welcome to ‘Legends’ Ski Courses, our brand new ski course for 2020/21
Snoworks Director Phil Smith
“In my teens there was no stopping me. In my 20’s I competed internationally. In my 30’s I jumped off everything there was and skied as fast as I could. In my 40’s I trained like a madman, trying to defy the natural laws and keep up with my young lads to little avail. In my 50’s I started to notice the beauty of the mountains, relish the sensation of skiing powder, slowed down, accepted the natural order of things, connected more with the mountain and now I’m now enjoying skiing off-piste more than ever before. Yes, more than ever before at a different pace. I’m looking forward to skiing into my sixties, seventies and even my eighties like many of our guests. Guests that I like to refer to as true ski legends, why? Simply because they are!”

Photo: Ski legend Charles Griffin on the Snoworks Chile Adventure.
Of course, you may be in your 60’s and 70’s and still be up for a Snoworks Backcountry or Backcountry Access course and that’s fine, it’s entirely your choice. But don’t think ‘Legends’ means less adventure. On the contrary. The whole idea of ‘Legends’ is to ski more, learn more, experience more and enjoy more.
Photo: Ski legend Peter Craggs on top of the world on the Snoworks Kashmir Adventure.
The whole concept of the Legends course is to get maximum enjoyment on and off-piste whilst minimising ‘over-effort’. Effort that is wasted trying to battle against the elements and keep up with others.

Optimal effort to ski longer with greater enjoyment now that’s a worthy goal to aim for.

For those that have already skied on Snoworks courses the Legends Course is a continuation of the Snoworks Backcountry Course with an increased focus on working with prevailing mountain conditions. It’s for skiers that love skiing off-piste but have no further need to race around the mountains. A higher focus on developing aspects of skiing to harmonise with the mountain. More breaks if needed along the way with the flexibility to change itineraries as and when needed according to prevailing snow and weather conditions. An ‘anything goes’ kind of course where sociability, off-piste adventure, self development, fun are the name of the game and to share these experiences with like minded all-mountain skiers.

Photo: Ski legend Norman Golding on top of the world on the Snoworks Argentina Adventure.
The Legends Course is incredibly dear to our hearts.
Snoworks Director Phil Smith
“We’ve had so many skiers ski with us every year since we first started our ski courses over 20 years ago. A track record that we’re incredibly proud of. But at some point in our skiing journeys we will all need to take stock, reflect and adapt to new situations. Like many skiers and I include myself in this, we no longer feel the need or may not have the physical ability to race around the mountain like we used to. We’re moving into an exciting a new era and I stress very exciting. An era of acceptance, beauty, enjoyment, sociability. But at no point does this means less enjoyment, less challenge, less adventure. The goals may change but the adventure will always be there. The ‘Legends’ course is at the heart of the Snoworks philosophy of all-mountain skiing”

The Legends Course is primarily based around off-piste skiing but the difference on a Legends Course is we’ll have the flexibility to adapt to prevailing conditions moving on and off-piste to make the most of the mountain conditions.

Minimum ski level for Legends

• In your 60’s, 70’s or 80’s Younger and older skiers welcome
• Competent skiing on Reds and Easy Blacks with off-piste experience. Snoworks Level 4+ or 5 upwards. (see specific weeks)
• Legend courses are for 5 full days Monday to Friday

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Legends Courses For On-Piste Skiing

We also have the option for Legend Courses for on-piste skiing (5 x half days) but none are planned at present. If you like the idea of a Legends Course but don’t have the off-piste experience contact our office.

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